Tim Berners Lee Net Worth

In this era, communicating with people is easy, even though the one that you want to get in touch lives far away. Talking about the ease of communication, everyone should thank the person behind the World Wide Web. Do you know the person behind it?

If you have no idea, the person who invented the World Wide Web is named Tim Berners Lee. If it is your first time hearing his name, then you can start to be grateful now every time you hear his name. The World Wide Web, which is also known as WWW, is the starting point of the modern internet. Tim Berners Lee really made something big.

Tim Berners Lee Net Worth

As one of the people who changed the world, a lot of people have been wondering about his wealth. How much money does Tim Berners Lee have earned? What is his net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the man who was born on June 8, 1955 has an estimated net worth of $10 million, as of July 2021. There is no doubt that he has earned a lot because he is not only the inventor of the World Wide Web but also a scientist, a computer scientist, a researcher, a professor, and a public speaker.

After finishing his study at Oxford, Tim Berners Lee worked as an engineer at the telecommunications company. In the end of the 70s, he then began to develop the type setting software for printers. In 80s, he worked for CERN as an independent contractor. When he was there, the man started to play with the idea of sharing and updating information between researchers. Besides, he also made an early prototype system that was based on the concept of hypertext known as ENQUIRE.

After parting with CERN, Tim Berners Lee worked with a computer company located in England. At the new company, his job was running the technical side of the business and developing a real time remote procedure call, the one that looks like computer networking. In 1984, he decided to go back to his previous place, CERN. When he made his comeback, the company was established as part of an early internet system and it served as the largest internet node in all of Europe.

1989 was considered as the best year of Tim Berners Lee as he made a big contribution to modern technology by joining the hypertext with the internet. By connecting the hypertext with the two things called the Transmission Control Protocol and the concept of domain name systems, he created the World Wide Web or WWW. He said that it was an act of desperation because working with the web at his company was not easy. Actually, his intention was just to make his work easier and not to make something that is useful for society and humanity as a whole.

In 1990, the man distributed his proposal. His managers did not actually understand everything but they still found it interesting. Then, Tim made the first web browser and the software made by him doubted a web editor. In addition to the first web browser, he also made the first web server. In 1990, no one could stop him when he made a page that described his projector, the first website. The ones who visited the site had a chance to learn the meaning of the World Wide Web and the method to make one on their own. His invention is believed by a lot of people to be the number one cultural reset that changed the world. Thanks to him, everyone is now able to connect with the other ones from around the world instantly.

Following the success of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners Lee made the W3C at MIT. The main goal of the organization is to make standards and recommendations as an effort to make the quality of the web better. The man has teamed up with the UK government for several occasions including helping them to make data more open and can be accessed easily in 2009. Even though his invention is useful for everyone, there are actually a few things that worry him. He knows that not everyone uses it for a good cause and he actually said that he regretted seeing some people abuse the use of his invention.

Tim Berners Lee is one of those with the loudest voices who support net neutrality. He thinks that ISPs have to supply connectivity with no strings attached. The man once even said that net neutrality is like a human right. To express his mind, he and 20 other internet pioneers wrote an open letter to the FCC, arguing for the maintenance of net neutrality.

For those who are curious what Tim Berners Lee is currently doing, he is apparently still actively working on various projects. He released a new startup named Inrupt three years ago. Inrupt is described as an open source project that supports the commercial ecosystem around the Solid project. With the help of it, the users can get help to control their personal data.

A year later after releasing Inrupt, Tim dropped a campaign named Contract for the Web. The purpose of the campaign is to hold several sides, including governments, companies, and the public, to nine core principles of web use.

As an inventor, a scientist, a computer scientist, a researcher, a professor, and a public speaker, Tim Berners Lee has received many awards and honors. In 2004, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in the New Year Honors for services to the global development of the internet and he was invested formally on July 16 of the same year.

Three years later, he was appointed to the Order of Merit or OM. In 2001, he was chosen as a Fellow of the Royal Society or FRS. Not only that, he was also chosen as a member into the American Philosophical Society in 2004. Aside from these, there are some other awards and honors given to him.

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