Tana Mongeau Net Worth

According to the research, Tana Mongeau was born on June 24, 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she was raised. While on MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21, she said that her parents lacked parenting skills that caused her to have a strained childhood. Tana Mongeau is an American rapper and internet personality. By the way, how much is a net worth of Tana Mongeau? Now, let us find out that answer from this article.

Net worth of Tana Mongeau

Now, you may want to know how much a net worth of Tana Mongeau is. Do not worry as here we are going to reveal that information. Based on the research, Tana Mongeau has a net worth of $4 million. Her biggest platform is may her YouTube channel, where she has more than five million subscribers. Tana Mongeau is best known for her series of “Storytime” videos on the channel. Mongeau has leveraged her initial popularity on YouTube into everything from a music career to a show on MTV.

Tana Mongeau Net Worth

Early Life of Tana Mongeau

As we said before, Tana Mongeau was born on June 24, 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, she grew up in Las Vegas. She started her self-titled YouTube channel in the year of 2015. And finally grew in popularity to millions of viewers. If you want to know other informaton related to Early Life of Tana Mongeau, you are able to search for information from other resources.

Career of Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau is best known for her story time videos. In the year of 2017, Tana Mongeau posted that she was under investigation by the FBI as someone hacked into her email which sending bomb threats, and her ability to court controversy has led to her continued success on YouTube. However, it did not prevent her from crossing over to other industries. She putting out her debut single: Hefner in the year of 2017. That song was accompanied by an official music video which featured popular actress Bella Thorne. As if her debut single was not enough, Tana Mongeau appeared on the television series Maury on that same month in the year of 2017. Later, in December of 2017, Tana Mongeau collaborated with fellow YouTube celebrities Lil Phag and Dr. Woke on a song entitled Deadahh. Her second and third singles: W and F**k Up were released in March and August 2018. Also, she was a featured artist on two songs on the album: God Hates Lil Phag: Clout 9 and Four Loko in 2018.

In 2018, Tana Mongeau hosted her own convention called TanaCon. The event was said to be a disaster, and often compared to Fyre Fest, with the attendees yelling for refunds. Finally, Tana Mongeau issued refunds and released a three-part documentary video regarding that event. In the year of 2019, Tana Mongeau began starring in the MTV reality series: Tana Turns 21, around the same time as the release of her 4th solo single and music video: FaceTime. As one of the most famous performers on YouTube, she has racked up a few credits on some original series on the platform. Tana Mongeau appeared on four episodes of Shane and Friends. In the year of 2017, she starred on the murder mystery show entitled Escape the Night. In the year of 2019, she also starred in the YouTube series: No Filter.

Tana Mongeau is a part of a new generation of the celebrities and performers who capitalize on controversy rather than shying away from it. In the year of 2017, Tana Mongeau was arrested for underage drinking at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The days later, Tana Mongeau was selling t-shirts bearing the image of her mugshot. Based on the Business Insider interview with her talent manager Jordan Worona, sales of the t-shirts generated $40,000 in revenue in only two days. However, the nature of much of her content has made Tana Mongeau a self-described “struggling demonetized influencer.” It means that unlike many successful YouTubers, she does not make much money from the advertising on the platform because the site’s practice of demonetizing videos which contain controversial or offensive content. Thus, she had to make up the difference by selling merchandise and making sponsored content for the brands which are not afraid of a little bit of controversy, like Lounge Underwear.

Career of Tana Mongeau

Personal life of Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau is openly bisexual. At the start of Mongeau’s YouTube career, she was in a relationship with Somer Hollingsworth. He was featured in lots of of her vlogs before going through a public breakup in June 2017. From the summer of 2017 to February 2019, Tana Mongeau was in a relationship with Bella Thorne, which includes a period where she, Bella Thorne and singer Mod Sun were a throuple. From February to April 2019, she dated Brad Sousa. In April 2019, Tana Mongeau began dating Jake Paul. In May 2019, Tana Mongeau revealed that she had a fling with rapper Lil Xan. Unfortunately, rapper Lil Xan had cheated on her, and moved on with Noah Cyrus. On June 24, 2019, Tana Mongeau announced that she and Paul were engaged Later, the couple married on July 28, 2019 in a ceremony at the Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas. Tana Mongeau revealed that her wedding to Paul was not legal, however she does truly love Paul.

Although Tana Mongeau had briefly changed her YouTube and Twitter display names to Tana Paul (her legal name is still Tana Mongeau), but, as of January 2020, Tana Mongeau has changed her last name back to Mongeau on all social media platforms. She was rumored to be in a relationship with Mod Sun when they were quarantining together during the COVID-19 pandemic. In July 2020, Tana Mongeau was rumored to be in a relationship with Francesca Farag. Two months after the rumors, the two couple were feuding on social media when Tana Mongeau posted a TikTok with Francesca’s ex, Harry Jowsey

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