Sackler Family Net Worth

Rich people are everywhere and a lot of people are always thirsty about them. One of the richest family from the United States is called Sackler Family. Do you know how much does this family worth? Keep reading the whole post until you reach the bottom.

Sackler family net worth

In 2016, Sackler Family had an estimated net worth of $14 billion. The number was calculated by Forbes. They beat out the other well known wealthy families such as the Mellons and the Rockfellers. Last year, their net worth was estimated at $13 billion. It is not surprising since they have a pharmaceutical company in Connecticut named Purdue Pharma.

Sackler Family
The earnings of Sackler Family mostly come from the popular prescription painkiller called OxyContin. For those who have no idea, this one is the one that is launched by Purdue Pharma in 1996. By 2001, the sales of this painkiller made up about 80% of the revenue made by Purdue Pharma.

Sackler Family might lose their wealth if they agree to a settlement that is worth an $11.5 billion. The number is to resolve the lawsuits against them and their pharmaceutical company, Purdue Pharma LP. When if the chance of losing is high, there is nothing to worry as it seems like they will remain being rich.

Apparently, the Sackler Family was worth $13 billion the last time their wealth was estimated by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The amount included the previous payouts from Purdue. According to the court, the family earned more than $4 billion from OxyContain sales from 2008 through 2015. Apart from that, it also included their ownership of a global network of the independent associated companies they built in 1952 known as Mundipharma.

According to the terms of the proposal, wealth of the Sackler Family will decrease below $1.5 billion. Basically, the family should pay at least $3 billion in cash. The pharmaceutical company, Purdue would file for bankruptcy and it would be handed by the states, cities, and countries that have sued. Not only Purdue, Mundipharma would also be sold. The value of it might have lower since the last estimate on Bloomberg based on the negative publicity. In general, all the thing would generate $11.5 billion in order to cover the fallout from the mess, as assumed by the ones who know the entire case.

Actually, the calculation made by Bloomberg is rough as it does not include the ownership of the generic drugmaker Rhodes Pharmaceuticals LP, the one that its value could not be determined. Not only that, it also excludes the dividends that might have be paid by Purdue before the 2008. The reason is because the details were not public.

The wealth owned by the Sackler Family once made them turned into global philanthropists. They even received gifts from the New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. The criticism has increased in the recent years due to the donations.

If you are not that familiar with the Sackler Family, this one consists of the heirs of Purdue co-founders Mortimer and Raymond Sackler. Gene Grabowski, a partner at communications firm global who as expert in crisis media relation thinks that the bad thing about this family will always be remained by people. It will be long lasting and it means it will be hard to forget. Even after years, this family will still be linked to the nation’s opioid epidemic.

Wealthy family in the United States

When talking about the wealthy family from the United States, our mind usually goes to Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates. Well, it is normal because these three are included in the list of the richest family in the United States. If you are curious about the other families who are included in the top list, here is for you.


Name Net Worth Family Members



Walton Family $247 billion 7


2 Koch Family $100 billion 4



Mars Family $94 billion 31 Candy
4 Cargill-MacMilan Family $47 billion 23

Cargill Inc.


Lauder Family $40 billion 10 Estee Lauder


S.C. Johnson Family $37 billion 68 Cleaning products
7 Edward Johnson Family $36 billion 6

Money management


Cox Family $34.5 billion 31 Media
9 Pritzker Family $32.5 billion 12

Hotels, investments


Newhouse family $30 billion 23 Magazines, newspaper
11 Duncan Family $22 billion 4



Hearst Family $21 billion 67 Hearts Corps.
13 Brown Family $20.4 billion 25



Marshall Family

$18.5 billion 3 Diversified
15 Butt Family $17.88 billion 18



Busch Family $17.6 billion 30 Anheuser-Busch
17 Du Pont Family $16 billion 3,500



Hunt Family $15.5 billion 24 Oil
19 Dorrance Family $15 billion 11

Campbell Soup Co.


Ziff Family $15 billion 3 Publishing
21 Catchy Family $14.2 billion 35



Stryker Family $14 billion 3 Medical equipment
23 Goldman Family $13.2 billion 20

Real estate


Rollins Family $13.1 billion 11 Orkin pest control
25 Gallo Family $12.4 billion 17

Wine, liquor


Reyes Family $12 billion 3 Food and beer distribution
27 Kohler Family $11.7 billion 14

Plumbing products, sinks

28 Mellon family $11.5 billion 200



Smith Family $11.3 billion 60 Tools, banking
30 Bass Family $10.8 billion 4

Oil, investments


Sackler Family $10.8 billion 20 Pain medicines
32 Johnson Family $10.7 billion 60

Johnson & Johnson


Marriott Family $10.4 billion 7 Hotels
34 Crown Family $10.2 billion 3



Hughes Family $10.2 billion 3 Public Storage Inc.
36 Pigott Family $10.1 billion 30



Shoen Family $9 billion 15 U-Haul
38 Don & Doris Fisher Family $8.9 billion 4

The Gap


Jenkins Family $8.8 billion 25 Publix Super Market
40 Chao Family $8.6 billion 19



Charles & Rupert Johnson Family $8.6 billion 5 Mutual funds
42 Phipps Family $8.6 billion 300

Carnegie Steel, Bessemer Trust


Rockefeller Family

$8.4 billion




E. W. Scripps Family $8.4 billion 70 Newspaper
45 Bechtel Family $8.3 billion 10

Construction, engineering

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