Russell Wilson Net Worth

Just like being a celebrity, being an athlete is also promising, at least it is the case for Russell Wilson. This American professional football player is paid a lot. This player is counted as one of the highest paid athletes on the Earth. Apart from that, he is also a smart businessman, that’s why he always earns more. Do you know how rich he is? Scroll down the page and read every information in this article.

Net Worth

According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Russel Wilson has an estimated net worth of $135 million, as of 2021. In 2019, Forbes reported that his net worth was $42 million. The player was number six as the highest paid athlete of the year.

Russell Wilson Net Worth


    • Salary

Russell Wilson is usually paid $35 million by playing in the National Football League. Two years ago, he extended his contract for more four years with the Seahawks worth $140 million and became the highest paid athlete in the NFL. In addition to that, he also brought an additional $65 million signing bonus home. Until now, it is still the most expensive deal in NFL history. By signing the contract, he will receive the income of approximately $107 million.

    • Endorsement

As one of the most popular and the most successful athletes, many brands and products are after him. They all want him to be the face of their products and brands. He has endorsed a lot of popular brands, including Alaska Air Group, American Family Insurance, Amazon, Larson Automotive Group, Duracell, Bose, Braun, Mercedes Benz, Levi’s, Nike, Microsoft, United Way, and Wilson Sporting Goods. In 2015, he worked with a frozen fast food company named Luvo. In the same year, he also signed a contract with Reliant Recovery Water. From these endorsements alone, he managed to snatch approximately $9 million. Last year, the player started a new chapter of his life as a Chairman of NFL FLAG. NFL FLAG has the mission to work with flag football organizations across the world to recruit athletes at a young age. Plus, he is also known to be the ambassador for the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association.

    • The Other Sources of Income

Salary and endorsements are not the only sources of Russell Wilson’s income. It is such a good thing for him to not depend on these two. To spread his wings, he has started his own businesses. Right now, he has another role, which is the CEO of the brand management firm West2East Empire. Besides being a CEO, he also keeps an eye out on two production companies.

Russel Wilson does not limit himself. He is always hungry and wants to try the thing outside his safe zone. He is definitely more than an athlete and is a real businessman. In 2016, his own clothing line named Good Man Brand was dropped. In the same year, he teamed up with Juice Press to release the first franchise of the company in Seattle. In 2017, a platform called TraceMe was born. The intention of the creation is to facilitate the fans to connect with their favorite celebrities. Some investors of the app include Joe Tsai (the co-founder of Alibaba), Jeff Bezos, and Chad Hurley (the co-founder of Youtube).

The Things Russell Wilson Spends His Money On

The Things Russell Wilson Spends His Money On

    • Real estate

Russell Wilson purchased a home located in Bellevue, Washington in 2015 for $6.7 million. This one was built in 2008. It is a two story and a 10,700 square foot home. The place consists of 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 5 fireplaces, 1 wine cellar, skylights, and 1 walk in party. It is placed on the two thirds of an acre of property that faces Lake Washington and has the views of downtown Seattle. From the house, the mountain can also be seen. Since 2010, this one has been in and out the market.

    • Cars

It seems like the player named Russell Wilson is also a fan of Tesla because he has one. In addition to Tesla, he also owns an Audi, a Range Rover, and a Mercedes Benz G Wagon.

    • Investment

It has been mentioned that Russell Wilson is also known as a great businessman in addition to his role as a great American professional football player. He knows what to do and he has made plenty of investments.

The player has invested in the project known as the Portland Diamond Project, the one with the purpose to bring a Minor League Baseball or MLB team to Oregon. In 2014, the next investment was announced. That time, he invested as a partner along with the hedge fund manager Chris Hansen, NBA player Wally Walker, Erik, and Pete Nordstorm. All of them agreed to develop a new sports area located in the neighborhood of SoDo in Seattle that will be used by the future NBA and NHL teams.

A year after that, 2015, the husband of Ciara spent a total of $7 million to invest in a football helmet manufacturing company named VICIS. Since 2018, he has also invested in and become the face of a mattress company called Molecule. In 2019, he and his wife, Ciara, collaborated to manage the local Major League Soccer club named the Seattle Sounders FC.

    • Charity

Russell Wilson has been involved in a lot of charity activities. He is the frequent visitor of the Seattle Children’s Hospital. In 2016, he made a total of $1,060,005 donation from his foundation named Why Not You to the event known as Strong Against Cancer. Four years before that, he hosted the Russell Wilson Passing Academy, where all the results went to the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association.

The player also once teamed up with Russell Investments for the program called the Invest with Russell. Through this program, he spent $3,000 to his charity foundation for every touchdown in 2013 and 2014. Not only that, he also supports several organizations, including Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Food Lifeline, and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

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