Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

Rudy Giuliani is an attorney and politician from America. He became the 107th Mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001. Do you want to know about Rudy Giuliani’s net worth? Let’s find out about it here together with the other information about him including his early life and career.

Rudy Giuliani’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rudy Giuliani has a net worth of $45 million. He has collected this net worth from his work as a lawyer, businessman and former politician.

When he became a candidate for President in 2007, he revealed that his net worth was at least $18 million and it could be as high as $70 million. From the disclosure, it showed that he earned $11.4 million in 2006 alone after he performed 124 paid speeches.

Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

Rudy Giuliani’s Early Life

The full name of Rudy Giuliani is Rudolph William Louis Giuliani. He was born on May 28th, 1944 in the East Flatbush section. He was the only child of working-class parents Helen and Harold Angelo Giuliani. His parents are the children of Italian immigrants.

Rudy Giuliani is of Tuscan descent from the side of his father. It is because his paternal grandparents were born in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany, Italy. Harold Giuliani was a plumber and a bartender. He had trouble finding a job. Then, he worked as an enforcer for his brother-in law Leo D’Avanzo. In 1981, Rudy’s father passed away because of prostate cancer. Then, Rudy’s mother decided to move to Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

When Rudy Giuliani was 7 years old, his family decided to move from Brooklyn to Garden City South. There, he became a student of the local Catholic school namely St. Anne’s. Then, he commuted back to Brooklyn to be able to attend Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School. He graduated from that high school in 1961.

Rudy Giuliani became a student of Manhattan College in Riverdale, Bronx. In that college, his major was political science with a minor in philosophy. At that time, he considered to be a priest. In his sophomore year, he was elected president of his class. However, he was not elected again in his junior year. Rudy Giuliani then joined the Phi Rho Pi college forensic fraternity and honor society. In 1965, he graduated. Rudy Giuliani made a decision to leave the priesthood and then he decided to attend the New York University School of Law in Manhattan. There, he made the NYU Law Review. In 1968, he graduated cum laude from that University with a Juris Doctor degree.

After that, he began his political life as a Democrat. He became a volunteer for Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1968. In addition, he also worked as a Democratic Party committeeman on Long Island in the mid 1960s. In 1972, he voted for George McGovern for president.

Rudy Giuliani’s Legal Career

After Rudy Giuliani graduated from law school, he clerked for Judge Lloyd Francis MacMahon. He worked as the United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York. In 1975, he switched his party registration from Democratic to Independent. It happened when he was recruited for a position in Washington, D.C.

Rudy Giuliani’s first high profile prosecution was of Democratic US Representative Bertram L. Podell. He was convicted because of corruption. He admitted that he had a conspiracy and conflict of interest for accepting more than $41,000 in campaign contributions and legal fees from a Florida airline to get federal rights for a Bahama route.

From 1977 to 1981, it was during the Carter administration, Rudy Giuliani practiced law at the Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler law firm as chief of staff to his former boss, Ace Tyler. Then, on December 8th, 1980, one month after the election of Ronald Reagan brought Republicans back to power in Washington, he moved his party affiliation from Independent to Republican.

In the Reagan administration, exactly in 1981, Rudy Giuliani became Associate Attorney General. It was the third-highest position in the Department of Justice. During he held this position, he supervised the US Attorney Offices’ federal law enforcement agencies, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Department of Corrections, and the United States Marshals Service.

In 1983, Rudy Giuliani was selected to be US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Technically, this position was a demotion, but he really wanted this position because he wanted to personally litigate cases. Besides, SDNY is considered the highest profile United States Attorney’s Office in the country so that it is often used by people who have held the position as a springboard for running for public office. At this point, he firstly became popular nationally because he prosecuted a number of high profile cases. Rudy Giuliani also focused on prosecuting drug dealers, corruption in government and organized crime. He collected a record of 4,152 convictions and 25 reversals.

As a federal prosecutor, he was credited by taking the perp walk, parading suspects in front of the previously alerted media, into common use as a prosecutorial tool. Guiliani then patented the perp walk and after that the tool was used by a lot of prosecutors nationwide.

Rudy Giuliani became the US Attorney until January 1989. He joined the law firm White & Case in New York City as a partner and he was still in this law firm until May 1990. Then, he joined the law firm Anderson Kill Olick & Oshinsky in New York City.

From 1994 through 2001, Rudy Giuliani became a mayor of New York City.

Rudy Giuliani’s Awards and Honors

Rudy Giuliani received a number of awards and honors. Some of them are listed below.

    • The Hundred Year Association of New York’s Gold Medal Award in 1998
    • Person of the Year in 2001
    • The Academy of Achievement’s Golden Plate Award in 2003
    • Honorary degrees from Loyola College in Maryland and Middlebury College in 2005
    • The Margaret Thatcher Medal of Freedom by the Atlantic Bridge in 2007.
    • Honorary Doctorate in Public Administration from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina in 2007.
    • and many more

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