Prince Harry Net Worth

As the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana Spencer (Princess of Wales), Prince Harry has been in the spotlight for whatever he does. His net worth is one of the things that people want to know about him. Here, we have the information about it.

Net Worth of Prince Harry

As explained on Celebrity Net Worth, Prince Harry has a net worth of $60 million. Before he left the Royal family in 2020, the vast majority of Harry’s $30 million personal net worth was from a trust fund which was set up by his late mother Diana. When William and Harry turned 25 years old, each of them inherited trusts worth $30 million a piece. Besides, each of them got several million dollars when their great-grandmother passed away in 2002.

Prince Harry Net Worth
Harry decided to left the Royal family and after that, he and his wife, Meghan Markle signed an estimated $120 million worth of production deals, mainly with companies Spotify and Netflix. Not only that, he also signed a contract to produce a series for Apple TV+ with Oprah Winfrey about mental health.

There was a report that they felt they need to sign the deals after they were cut off financially from his family in England. Formerly, when he was a member of Royal Family, his father paid around $4 million each year to provide staff and security for his son.

Early Life of Prince Harry

Henry Charles Albert David is the real name of Prince Harry. He was born on September 15th, 1984 in Paddington, London, United Kingdom. For your information, members of the royal family do not have last names. In 1992, Prince Harry’s mother and father separated. Until 1996, their divorce was not finalized. In the following year, there was an accident which happened to Princess Diana where she was killed in a car accident in Paris. At that time, Prince William was 15 years old and Prince Harry was 12 years old.

His father is Prince Charles and his mother is Princess Diana Spencer (Princess of Wales). Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg, are Harry’s paternal grandparents. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge) is his brother who is the heir apparent to the throne when their father becomes King.

At an early age, Prince Harry started to accompany his parents on official visits. Going to Italy was his first overseas tour with his parents in 1985. Also, in 1991 and 1998, he travelled with family to Canada.

After the death of Princess Diana, Harry and his brother stayed with their father at Balmoral. At the funeral of his mother, Harry accompanied his father, brother, paternal grandfather and maternal uncle, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, in walking behind the funeral cortege. They walked from Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey.

Education of Prince Harry

Same as his father and brother, Prince Harry was educated at independent schools. London’s Jane Mynors’ nursery school and the pre-preparatory Wetherby School were his start. After that, he became a student of Ludgrove School in Berkshire. After he passed entrance exams, he then became a student of Eton College. Placing Harry at Eton went against the past practice of the Mounthbatten-Windsors to send children to Gordonstoun which Harry’s grandfather, father, two cousins and two uncles had attended. However, Harry followed the footsteps of his older brother and the Spencer family because Diana’s father and brother attended Eton.

Harry could complete his education at Eton in June 2003 with two A-Levels. He achieved a grade B in art and D in geography, after he decided to drop history of art after S level. After he played competitive polo and rugby union, he has been described as ‘a top tier athlete’.

After school, Harry took a gap year. At that time, in Australia he spent time on a cattle station. Also, he took part in the Young England vs Young Australia Polo Test match . Besides, he also travelled to Lesotho. There, we worked with orphaned children and produced the documentary film The Forgotten Kingdom.

Military Career of Prince Harry

Military Career of Prince Harry
In 2005, Prince Harry got into the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. In the Alamein Company, he joined and he completed officer training to be commissioned as a Comet in the Blues and Royals, a regiment of the Household Cavalry in the British Army.

He was promoted to lieutenant in 2008. In 2007, he was sent to Iraq. Harry would not serve in Iraq. However, because the head of the British Army at that time, General Sir Richard Dannatt, was afraid that he would be a ‘high dollar target’. Prince Harry went as “Lieutenant Harry Wales” in his military role.

Real Estate of Prince Harry

After he made an announcement that they decide to step back from royal duties, Harry and Meghan spent some time in Canada. They did it before they leap down to Southern California where they lived for several months at a home which is owned by Tyler Perry. Then, in August 2020, Harry and Meghan has bought a home in Montecito, California for $14.7 million.

Netflix and Spotify Deals

There was an announcement that Harry and Meghan had had signed a five-year ‘mega deal’ with Netflix. This announcement was on September 2, 2020. From the deal, Harry and Meghan will launch a production company. There, they will create documentaries, scripted content, and children’s programming. This deal could be worth around $150 million.

Three months later, exactly in December 2020, there was an announcement that Harry and Meghan signed a podcasting deal for three years with Spotify worth $18 million.

Personal Life of Prince Harry

In June 2016, he started his relationship with an American actress named Meghan Markle. Then, in September 2017, they both first made an appearance together in public at the Invictus Games in Toronto. On November 27th, 2017, their engagement was announced by Harry’s father, Charles.

On May 19th, 2018, Prince Harry Meghan Markle held married ceremony at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. However, a private exchange of vows happened three days before on May 16th, 2019. Not long after their marriage, they made an announcement that they were expecting their first child. Meghan gave birth to a son named Archie in May 2019.

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