Post Malone Net Worth

Post Malone, who was born as Austin Richard Post, is a young and successful rapper, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. For those who have heard the song entitled White Iverson, this one is the singer. Even though he is still considered young, thanks to his successful career, he manages to earn a lot. Do you know how much is a guy named Post Malone worth?

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the American rapper, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer named Post Malone has an estimated net worth of $30 million. The number is really impressive knowing he is only in his four year of career and it is expected that the amount is just the beginning for him.

Post Malone Net Worth


    • Music streaming

A lot of people stream Post Malone’s music. In 2019, he topped the list of the most played artists on Spotify with more than 6.5 billion streamers around the world. His songs that are included in his third studio album entitled Hollywood’s Bleeding earned 100 million streams on the music streaming platform. As reported by Rolling Stone, his streams made him about $28 million in less than a year. Two years before that, he broke the single week streaming record of Apple Music with his single named Rockstar, the one with 21 Savage. It gained 25 million streams, breaking the record of I’m the One by DJ Khaled. Before breaking this record, his debut album called Stoney gathered more than 1 billion streams and four platinum records.

Post Malone career
In total, Post Malone has earned 19 million album sales. The revenue from both music streams and sales would be about $22.8 million if an album costs $1.20.

    • Tour earnings

According to the report made by Forbes, a concert of Post Malone is charged $500,000. It is nearly $1.3 million per city during his touring. He has completed the extensive tour worth $10 million. Due to the current pandemic, his touring has been paused but it is planned to be continued in 2021. Tour is the one that contributes the most to his earnings.

    • Youtube channel

The number of his earnings through Youtube is actually not clear. Based on his 20 million Youtube subscribers, it is estimated $78,000 a month. In a year, it is almost $1 million dollar.

    • Endorsements deals

In 2018, Post Malone signed a contract with Bud Light. After he was announced to be performing for Dive Bar Tour of Bud Light, the ad for the collaboration launched. He also teamed up with the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company, HyperX, where he played games with fans on Twitch. In the same year, he and True Religion Brand Jeans collaborated. As part of the collaboration, the company was handed tickets freely to the Posty Fest in Dallas. In addition to these, he has sponsorships and signed deals for ads with Crocs, Budweiser, and Doritos.

Things Post Malone spends his money on

Post Malone is known as a big spender. Are you curious how Post Malone spends his money that he has earned? Below are details of it:

    • Music videos

Post Malone funds his music videos as well because the record label does not always give their best. He always wants something that is extravagant, that’s why he does not hesitate to spend his money on his music videos. You can see how extravagantly his work on the song named Rockstar.

    • His parents

Post Malone is such a filial son. He supports his dad by buying him lots of things such as clothes, shoes, Christmas presents, and some other things.

    • Manager

The manager of Post Malone is known as Beer Bong Manager. This one is actually not the actual thing. It is just the one that he needs to pay to clean his beerbongs around the house.

    • Cars

Post Malone loves cars. He has spent the things that he has earned on custom cars.

    • Guns

Post Malone spends his earnings on firearms.

    • Jewelry

Post Malone once purchased a Dallas Cowboys custom chain worth $50,000 from Dallas City Jewelry in Los Angeles because he is a fan. He started to become a fan because his father was a manager of the concessions for the Dallas Cowboys.

    • Food

Everyone loves food and Post Malone is no exception. When he was having a performance at Coachella, he knew that his fans were waiting for him. To repay the love, he bought all of his fans who came with a Popeye’s biscuit for a total of $8,000.

    • Clothes

Post Malone’s taste when it comes to the clothes is interesting. He is not the kind of one who usually does shopping within the country. On the other words, he tends to shop from outside the United States for his fashion. He is not always seen with branded products. Sometimes, it is hard to tell if the ones that he wears is expensive because he has such an erratic style. One day he could look domestic with just a plain T-shirt and a pair of shorts and another day he could look luxurious with a tailored suit.

    • Tattoos

Post Malone cannot be separated with tattoos. The tattoos on his face are one of his uniqueness. He spends his earnings on a wide variety of tattoos from the Playboy Bunny logo to a portrait of Johnny Cash to the names of the fallen musicians.

    • Good causes

His family and himself and not the only ones that he cares about. In addition to these, he also cares for the other as well. The singer has donated and helped raise money for some different causes. In the mid of 2020, he held a live stream called Nirvana Tribute concert. In this tribute event, he sang covers of Nirvana songs. All the money that he raised, more than 500,0000 dollars, went to the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization. Aside from that, he also made donations for various things, including education, hunger, covid relief, mental health, homelessness, veterans, and so on.

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