Piers Morgan Net Worth

With the Meghan-Prince Harry and the Royal conflict, the name Piers Morgan has come to the surface. For those who are on TV all the time, you must have seen him at least once. He is best known as a host, a journalist, a writer, a newspaper editor, and a TV personality. He has voiced his opinion on the Meghan-Prince Harry and the Royal thingy. Who is Piers Morgan? If you are not familiar with him and want to know him more, below is the information about his net worth and some other things.

Piers Morgan’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Piers Morgan has an estimated worth of $20 million.

Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan’s Salary

The annual salary of Piers Morgan’s is $2 million. In May 2008, the host signed a contract with ITV for two-year deal. This one worth $2.6 million per year.

Piers Morgan’s Real Estate

There are a number of homes that belong to Piers Morgan. Two of them are in Britain. He has also a country retreat located in the East Sussex village of Newick, the place where he grew up, and a townhouse located in west London. The later is the kind of Georgian townhouse worth $719,000.

In addition to the ones in the England, he also has one located in Beverly Hills. This one was purchased $5.4 million in 2011 from the former CEO of CBS, Les Moonves.

Piers Morgan’s Early and Personal Life

On March 30, 1965, Piers Morgan was born to the world as Piers Stefan O’Meara in Surrey, England. Just a few months after his existence, his family decided to move to Newick, Sussex, England. He was raised by his mother after his father, Vincent Eamonn O’Meara, left the world when he was not even one year old. His father was a dentist. After his father died, his mother remarried to someone named Glynne Pughe Morgan, the one that he took the surname after. When it comes to the education, he graduated from the Chailey School and Harlow College.

30 years ago, Piers Morgan married Marion Shalloe. From her, he had three sons named Albert, Spencer, and Stanley. In their 17th wedding anniversary, they decided to be separated. Two years later, he married the daughter of the former Conservative MP George Walden named Celia Walden. It was his second marriage. In November 2011, their first child, Elise, was born.

Piers Morgan is known to be a huge fan of the Premier League football club, The Gunners (Arsenal F.C.). He always vocals giving his support to his favorite team on the social media. Just like most of fans, he often has a beef with the other fans, especially fans of the other EPL clubs.

When it comes to the politic, the British man supports the Conservative Party and he is pretty much the supporter of Donald Trump from Republican Party, the one that has been conservatism since the 1890s. He once sent a letter to White House, asking to be White House Chief of Staff.

A year before that, in the early 2017, his love for Trump was shown. There was a Women’s March in Washington, right after the inauguration of Donald Trump. He opposed the event, describing the protesters as rabid feminists and called the protests “vacuous”. Evan McGregor had different views on the protests. As he disagreed with Morgan, he decided to cancel his appearance on Good Morning Britain after knowing he would be interviewed by Morgan. Heading the news of his guest canceling his appearance, Morgan described McGregor as a pedophile loving hypocrite as he used to support Roman Polanski.

Piers Morgan’s Career

Piers Morgan started his career in 1985 as a reporter of the South London News. Three years later, he became a freelance at The Sun. In 1994, he become a full timer. Even though he was not addicted to movies or pop music, he became friends of a few stars like Madonna, Sylvester Stallone, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, and some other well-known figures.

Piers Morgan’s Career
In 1994, the Arsenal supporter was hired as the editor of the News of the World by Rupert Murdoch. At the time, he just turned 29, making him the youngest one of the national newspaper in 50 years. While he was known to be close to some celebrities, people called him out for his lack of sympathy for the privacy of the celebrities that were leaked by him. Besides, he was also outspoken and tended to not use his brain. Just a year after signing a contract, he was fired because he shared photos of Catherine Victoria Lockwood, the then-wife of Charles the Earl Spencer. In the photos, the woman was seen leaving a rehab clinic of Surrey. Leaking such photos was against the code of conduct of the editor, hence he was sacked.

His time as a jobless person did not last long. In 1996, Daily Mirror asked him to be the editor. 8 years after that, he experienced getting fired for the second time after he did not want to apologize for releasing photos that showed the incorrect information about the British soldiers attacking a group of Iraqi civilians.

In 2005, Piers Morgan led Press Gazette. However, lots of people were against him and decided to boycott the British Press Awards held by this newspaper. In the end, the newspaper was out of business and was sold. A year later, Morgan created a paper for children, First News.

In the same year and in a year after, he became a judge of America’s Got Talent with Brandy Norwood and David Hasselhoff. He was also included in the British version. His other workplaces include ITV, CNN, Mail Online, Sunday Event magazine and Daily Mirror. This so-called journalist was actually mentioned in the infamous British phone hacking scandal, the one that involved the Daily Mirror. Apparently, he was the editor so he was also responsible for all the thing related to the content of the British famous figures that were leaked to public.

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