Pepe Garza Net Worth

Pepe Garza is a radio programmer, songwriter, record producer and also an entrepreneur from Mexico. He is one of the figures most recognized Mexican regional music America. Do you wonder about his net worth? Here, we have the information about it including the other information about him such as his personal life, career, filmography, awards and nominations, and Youtube channel.

Pepe Garza’s Net Worth

As explained in Celebrity Net Worth, Pepe Garza has a net worth of $5 million. According to Fame Wiki, it is estimated that he has salary of 1 million. He earned his wealth from his profession as a famous Mexican musician and a songwriter. He has a longterm career in the music industry so that he is paid well to make this net worth.

According to Celeb Live Update, Pepe has a self-titled Youtube channel named Pepe Garza and he  makes a monthly income about $3.8k to $60.9k and it makes him to have his annual income which ranges from $45k to $730k. On Pepe Garza Youtube channel, he uploads some music videos and tutorials.

He also has another channel named Tengo Talento Mucho Talento which has more than 590k subscribers. From there, he earns a comparable amount like his main channel. He also has Pepe Garza TV on Youtube which makes $8k to $13.77k in a month. It circulates with a monetary transaction of over $150k in a year.

Pepe Garza Net Worth

Pepe Garza’s Personal Life

The real name of Pepe Garza is José Francisco Garza Durón. He was born on December 1st, 1965 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. His wife’s name is Elisa Beristain and they have two children namely Ivanna Garza Beristain and Isabella Garza Beristain. According to Celeb Live Update, they got married in the year of 1998. Now, he lives in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Here is the short biodata of Pepe Garza

    • Real Name: José Francisco Garza Durón
    • Nickname: Pepe Garza
    • Gender: Male
    • Birth Place: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
    • Birth Date: December 1st, 1965
    • Height: 166 cm
    • Weight: 60 kg
    • Nationality: Mexican
    • Ethnicity: Mixed
    • Wife’s Name: Elisa Beristain
    • Children: 2
    • Children’s Name: Ivanna Garza Beristain and Isabella Garza Beristain
    • Pepe Garza’s Career

Pepe Garza became a broadcaster in Monterrey and then he became a programmer for stations in Guadalaraja, Mexico which then in the United States. In the United States, he has been in charge of the Que Buena of the Liberman Broadcasting group in Los Angeles California for almost two decades.

He is a founder and executive producer of the La Radio Awards since 2000 where regional Mexican music and its greatest exponents are appreciated. Together with his brother named Alejandro Garza, Pepe established Arpa Music. This is a company that represents composers such as Luciano Luna, Espinoza Paz, Horacio Palencia and Joss Favela. Pepe has won a number of awards such as the Billboards in 2009 for the category of publisher of the year and  the BMI 2009 and 2011 for the Latin publisher of the year.

Besides, he also has a career as a promotor of large live events. One of the recent event where he became the promotor was RECORDANDO A CHALINO XXV ANIVERSARIO. This is a concert where he paid tribute to Chalino Sanchez, Rey del Corrindo.

Pepe Garza is also popular in television world because he had a role as the implacable judge in the 17 seasons of the contest program named Tengo Talento Mucho Talento in the Estreall TV network.

Pepe is also active in the social networks and internet. He has a Youtube channel where his Pepe’s Office segment has obtained more than 20 million views in some of his videos.

Recently, he became an executive producer of the Jenni Rivera tribute album where it was voiced by Natalia Jimenez, Homenaje a La Gran Senora from Sony Music Latin. Black and Blue theme of his own is one of its most representative contributions which is performed by Los Cuates de Sinaloa for the TV series Breaking Bad from Sony Pictures Television.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has helped build the careers of many musicians such as Jenni Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Adan ‘Chalino’ Sanchez, ‘The Portranquita’ Razorlight, El Coyote, The Originals San Juan Valentine Elizalde, Jorge Gamboa, Rogelia Martinez, and Cuisillos.

Pepe Garza’s Awards and Nominations

In the list below, you are able to see the awards and nominations which have been obtained by Pepe Garza.

    • In 1993, he was nominated to achieve Lo Nuestro Award for Best Regional Mexican Song. The song is That Crazy I’m Me – Liberation Group.
    • In 1997, he achieved American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers for Song of the Year. His work for this award is What did you forget.
    • In 2001, he was nominated to achieve2001 Latin Grammy Awards for Children’s Producer. His work for this nomination is El Morro.
    • In 2002, he achieved American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers for Song of the Year. His work for this award is Coyote.
    • In 2004, he won Broadcast Music, Inc. for Best Composition. His work for this award is Cursed Caprice.
    • In 2006, he won Broadcast Music, Inc. for Best Composition. His work for this award is Cursed Caprice.

Pepe Garza’s Filmography

Here is the filmography of Pepe Garza according to Wikipedia.

    • I Have Talent (2009)

This is a talent show and here he was as a jury.

    • Pepe’s Office (2016)

This is a Youtube show and here he became the presenter.

About Pepe Garza’s Wife

His wife, Elisa Beristain is a star. She is a TV personality and she appeared in Rica, Famosa, Latina. Elisa Beristain was one of the main cast of Real Housewives which was inspired reality series. In season 3, she also appeared. On September 2014, she made her TV debut.

Besides, she is an Instagram star. On her Instagram account, she has more than 228,000 followers as of March 2020.

Pepe Garza’s Youtube Channel

One of Pepe Garza’s Youtube channel is Pepe Garza. Now, this Youtube channel has more than 2.45 million subscribers. Pepe’s Office segment is uploaded on this Youtube channel. Two of Pepe’s Office videos that you can watch in this channel include Gera Mx Regresa A La Oficina Con Nuevas Colaboraciones which was uploaded on June 16th, 2021 and La Arrolladora Llega A La Oficina Por Primera Vez, Y Mi Dueto Con Ellos which was uploaded on June 25th, 2021.

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