Paul McCartney Net Worth

Paul McCartney’s name is long known for his long  time in ‘The Beatles’ where he has released six gold pieces and has sold more than 100 million singles. He’s a very successful British musician who is one of the most popular musicians and composers in music history.

Named as the richest rockstar in the world, sure, many of Cartney’s fans are wondering how much he has money and how he earns money, to the point of making him as the richest musician in British. Thankfully, this post will show you Paul McCartney’s net worth on our post below!

Paul McCartney Net Worth

What Is Paul McCartney’s Net Worth?

As of this writing, Paul McCartney’s net worth is approximately $1.2 billion. By the ‘80s, Paul was still dropping #1 singles and selling numerous records while letting the royalties and licensing fees roll in.

The following decades, he began hauling in fantastic amounts on his annual tours. Forbes reported that Paul grossed around $350 million from touring between 2010 -2016 which included a $56.5 million year in 2015. In 2019, he’s still going at time pacing all musicians.

How Does Paul McCartney Make Money?

Of course, Paul’s major income comes from his music tourings, royalties and publishing rights. He easily earned $50-70 million personally in touring years. Aside from his tourings, Paul also earns tens of million per year in royalties and the licensing fees.

Moreover, the licensing fees are derived from his own music and the invaluable publishing copyright portfolios of other artists through his publishing company, MPL Communications. MPL has the copyright to songs from several artists including Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly, and many others.

Here’s how Paul McCartney’s incomes break down (from 2001 – 2018:

Earning 2018 ($47.5 million)

    • Asset Jan. 2018: $73,000
    • Asset Jan. 2018: $1,500,000

Earnings 2017

    • Others Sep. 2017: $30,180,000
    • Box Office Sales May. 2017: $794,860,000

Earnings 2015

    • Asset May. 2015: $15,000,000
    • Record Sales Mar. 2015: $650,000
    • Sale of Assets Feb. 2015: $203,000
    • Record Sales Jan. 2015: $6,680,000

Earnings 2014

    • Record Sales Dec. 2014: $650,000
    • Ticket Sales Oct. 2014: $165,000,000

Earnings 2013

    • Record Sales Oct. 2013: $393,000
    • Record Sales Mar. 2013: $35,000

Earnings 2012

    • Sale of Asset Nov. 2012: $344,000
    • Ticket Sales Mar. 2012: $18,600,000
    • Record Sales Feb. 2012: $315,000

Earnings 2011

    • Earnings Sep. 2011: $16,850,000

Earnings 2010

    • Record Sales Jan. 2010: $39,000

Earnings 2009

    • Records Sales Nov. 2009: $728,000
    • Ticket Sales Aug. 2009: $31,920,000

Earnings 2007

    • Record Sales Jun. 2007: $1,010,000

Earnings 2006

    • Record Sales Nov. 2006: $3,000,000
    • Record Sales Sep. 2006: $1,610,000

Earnings 2005

    • Record Sales Sep. 2005: $712,830,000
    • Ticket Sales 2005: $77,040

Earnings 2003

    • Record Sales Mar. 2003: $130,000

Earnings 2002

    • Record Sales Nocv. 2002: $1,560,000
    • Others Nov. 2002: $507,000
    • Ticket Sales 2002: $125,890,000

Earnings 2001

    • Record Sales Nov. 2001: $845,000
    • Record Sales May. 2001: $1,560,000

How Does Paul McCartney Spend Money?

Paul mostly spends his money on real estate where he reportedly owns at least $100 million worth of real estate around the world. Here’s how it breaks down:

Paul spent $1.88 million in 1984 to get a townhouse in New York City, overlooking the Museum of Modern Art. In 1998, he then purchased a home in East Hampton Long Island for $495,000.

He then spent around $4 million to acquire Courtney Love’s Beverly Hills mansion in 2001. In 2005, he and his wife Nancy purchased a Manhattan penthouse for $15,5 million which required around $13,000 in monthly maintenance costs alone.

He also owns a 190-acre ranch outside of Tucson, Arizona. Pual actually has a half of a dozen properties in his native United Kingdom including a London flat, a 1,500-acre estate in East Sussex and a country estate in Scotland.

When totaled up, Paul has at least $100 million or even more than $150 million worth of real estate around the world.

Paul McCartney’s Career

Paul McCartney’s Career

    • The Beatles Career

Paul’s career began when he met John Lennon and the Quarrymen at the age of 15. He then joined the band which was renamed ‘The Beatles’ as a rhythm guitarist. The band’s line up includes Lennon, McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr (added in 1962).

In early 1964, The Beatles were sparkling ‘Beatlemania’worldwide which dominated the U.S and U.K pop markets and also broke multiple sales records. He and lennon co-write their early hits including ‘Love Me Do’ and others.

The Beatles are the best-selling music act of all time which gained certified sales of over 183 million units in the U.S and estimated sales of 600 million units worldwide. This band finally holds records for most number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, most singles sold in the Uk and number-one albums on the UK Album Chart.

By 1988, The Beatles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and all four members were also inducted between 1994 and 2015. This band then appeared in 5 major motion pictures between 1964 and 1970.

Paul performed on 12 studio albums and wrote or co-wrote plenty of the most popular songs in pop music history between 1960 and 1970 including ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’, ‘Yesterday’, and ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’.

By 1965, Queen Elizabeth II pointed to The Beatles as Members of the Order of the British Empire. This band eventually performed their last commercial concert at the end of their 1966 U.S. tour. This band’s last recorded album was ‘Abbey Road’ in 1969.

Paul finally announced his departure from the group on 10th April 1970 and then on December 31, 1970, a suit was filed for this band’s formal dissolution.

    • Solo Career

After the breakup of The Beatles in 1970, Paul began his solo career with the release of “McCartney”, which went on to become a number one album in the US. From 1971 to 1981, he was also a founding member of The Wings band, whose wife, Linda McCartney, played keyboards in the band’s smash hit.

Since 1989, Paul consistently has toured as a solo artist. He found more solo success than any The Beatles members. He continues to be one of the most famous artists worldwide by selling concerts almost immediately and making millions of dollars.

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