My Drinky Net Worth 2020

You may have watched Shark Tank show and in one of the episodes, there is a product namely My Drinky. Now, you may wonder who this business is and also the net worth of this product. So, let’s find out about it here.

Net Worth of My Drinky 2020

We tried to search the information about My Drinky net worth, however we were not able to find it. It seems that the information about My Drinky net worth 2020 is not  available. However, we found the other information related to My Drinky as you are able to read below.

What Is My Drinky and Where to Buy It?

My Drinky is the adjustable juice box holder. It can help your kids to drink their juice or other beverages when they are in bed, in a car and many other places. This is a two-piece juice box holder which is good for your kids who have not quite mastered the art of drinking from a juice box without having to squeeze juice everywhere. These products are available in four colours including lime, aqua, grape and raspberry. You are able to find this product on some websites such as Inch Bug and Amazon.

On the Inch Bug website, the price of My Drinky is $9.95. It is described that this product is an innovative solution to help stop the accidental juice-box-squeeze. Every grandparent, parent and babysitter knows about this kind of accident and kids cannot help it. My Drinky has the two-piece adjustable locking mechanism which is the feature of this product and it keeps the juice box of your kids secure in the holder. So, it will not be able to be squeezed. Also, it means that the juice box will not fall out if My Drinky is turned upside down.

My Drinky also has another unique characteristic where it fits all of the boxes starting with the smallest 4 oz boxes and including juice pouches such as Capri Sun and the large 8 oz milk boxes. Four height adjustments permit you to select how short or tall MyDrinky needs to be to fit the drink of your kids.

Here are the features of My Drinky.

    • It has two-piece design locks in the drink.
    • It is BPA and Pthlalate-free.
    • It is dishwasher-safe.
    • It is made in the USA.
    • It fits most juice boxes and pouches including small 4 oz boxes and tall 8 oz boxes.
    • It is assigned a Design and Utility Patent by the US Patent & Trademark Office.

On the Amazon website, you are able to get My Drinky for $9.95. Well, as you are able to see that the price is the same as the one which is sold in Inch Bug. Here are the technical details about My Drinky on Amazon.

    • The product dimensions are 6 x 4 x 2.5 inches.
    • It does not require batteries.
    • The weight of the item is 4 ounces.
    • The customer reviews is 4.5 out of 5 stars.
    • Best seller rank is #3,250 in Baby and #35 in Baby Bottle Accessories.

In Forbes website, My Drinky is one of the most clever children’s products from Shark Tank. The US Patent and Trademark Office awarded Brenda Lee Feldman, someone who developed My Drinky, both a design and utility patent on My Drinky in April 2015. According to Forbes website in 2016, My Drinky was sold at 180 boutiques and at InchBug website.

About InchBug

About InchBug

As explained above that you are able to buy My Drinky at InchBug website. But, what is Inch Bug actually? This is a company in Austin, Texas which is known for making the original Orbit Label, a personalized, non-adhesive and reusable label which is designed to stretch around baby bottles and sippy cups. This product is handy for families, schools and even daycare centers.

My Drinky is another popular product. As explained above that it is an adjustable juice box holder which is designed to keep less sticky when drinking juice.

If you like to watch Shark Tank, you may know that in April 2016, the founder of Inch Bug namely Brenda Feldman, introduced her business on Shark Tank. She went there to search for an investment of $400,000 in exchange for 10 percent equity. She got a lot of compliments about her products and brand. Also, she got an offer from Kevin O’Leary ($400,000 for 5 percent equity plus royalty. However, Brenda Feldman decided to leave the Tank without a deal.

After two years since the Shark episode, and Inch Bug just celebrated its 13th year in business. For years, Brenda Feldman has made great partnerships. She got InchBug products into Buy Buy BABY which is owned by Bed Bath & Beyond. She made sure that her Orbit Labels were on every bottle on the TLC reality show OutDaughtered.

Where Brenda Got Inspiration to Make The Product?

Where did Brenda got the idea of making Inch Bug? She took her daughter to a Mother’s day out program in 2004. She was told that all the kids cups needed to be labelled to avoid mix-ups and the spread of germs. A marker pen was used by her, but it just washed off. Then, she tried to use tape, but then it just peeled off the cup. At that time, Brenda got an inspiration which then led her to create her first product named the InchBug Orbit Label.

The Orbit Label is a stretch and release band which is easily attached and it can fit a number of different containers. Also, it is personalized with the name of kids and there are a variety of colors. The presence of Orbit Label makes life easier for parents. The market was larger than anyone had realized, with labelled bottles compulsory at most day care centers. In fact, the demand for this product makes the life of Brenda hectic to meet orders.

At the end of the first twelve months of the business sale,  they had made $150,000 and then at the end of the next year, they had grown the sales to $850,000 per year.

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