MC Lyte Net Worth

MC Lyte is one of the richest female rappers in the World. Have you ever wondered how much the net worth of MC Lyte is? If you want to know her net worth, you have to read this entire article. Here we will share the net worth of MC Lyte and other information related to her.

MC Lyte’s Net Worth

MC Lyte is a female rapper who has a net worth of $8 million. She accumulated her net worth through her successful career as a rapper and songwriter, as well as appearing in some television shows as herself and acting roles in films. She was born on October 11, 1970, in Brooklyn, New York. MC Lyte is the first solo female rapper who released a full album. She also received some nods from the critics. Raised on the music from the streets in Brooklyn, MC Lyte started to rhyme and experiment with sounds when she was 12 years old. Her first song: I Cram to Understand U (Sam), was released in 1986. It was originally written in 1984.

MC Lyte Net Worth

In September 1988, MC Lyte first made waves in the hip-hop world, when she released her debut album. She spawned two hit singles: Paper Thin and 10% Dis. Later, in 1989, MC Lyte followed Eyes on This. Her fourth album: Ain’t No Other, earned her national attention and landed her a Top 40 hit, Ruffneck. This resulted in collaborations with Janet Jackson and Brandey in the year of 1994. Later, in 1996, she released her fifth album: Bad As I Wanna B, that included the hits, Keepin’ On, Keep on, and Cold Rock a Party, featuring Missy Elliott.

With the release of Seven & Seven in 1998, MC Lyte celebrated a remarkable 10 years on the rap scene with a growing fan base and continuous success. In fact, Seven & Seven turned out to be her final release for EastWest, with subsequent albums appearing on independent labels. One of Lyte’s notable subsequent albums is the independently produced and recorded Da Undaground Heat, which spawned the Grammy and Bet award nominated track, Ride Wit Me.

Aside from that, MC Lyte is seen on the big screen, making her debut in the 1993 movie, Fly by Night. Since that, she has appeared in other productions including:

    • A Luv Tale (1999)
    • Train Ride (2000)
    • Civil Brand (2002)
    • Playa’s Ball (2003)

Besides the music and film industry, MC Lyte is the founder of Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, the President of entertainment firm Sunni Gyrl, as well as an honorary member of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority.

Leadership and philanthropy

In the year of 1991, MC Lyte was featured in TV informercial promoting pro-abortion rights political action “The Most Exciting Women in Music” alongside Juliet Cuming, Corina, Kim Gordon, Lady Miss Kier, Kate Pierson, Crystal Waters, and Tina Weymouth.

In February 2006, Lyte’s diary, a turntable, records, and other assorted ephemera from the early days of hip hop, were donated to the Smithsonian Institution. This collection, entitled “Hip-Hop Won’t Stop: The Beat, the Rhymes, the Life” is a program to collect objects of historical relevance to the hip hop genre from its inception. She served as the President of the LA Chapter of the Recording Academy (the Grammy organization) from 2011 to 2013. MC Lyte was the first African American woman to serve in this role.

MC Lyte is the founder of Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, that presented two $100,000 scholarships to college students each of the first two years of its inception and also three $50,000 scholarships as a part of its “EducateOurMen” initiative during the Soul Train Music Awards Red Carpet Preshow.

Early life of MC Lyte

Lana Michele Moorer or known as MC Lyte was raised in Brooklyn, New York City. MC Lyte began rapping when she was 12 years old. Her original stage name was Sparkle. MC Lyte began recording her first track when she was 14 years old, although it took 2 years before it was able to be released. MC Lyte regards Milk Dee and DJ Giz (the hip hop duo Audio Two) as her brothers, because they grew up together. Robinson started a label for them named First Priority. After making the label, Robinson cut a deal with Atlantic with one condition, that MC Lyte would get a record contract with Atlantic as well.

Personal life of MC Lyte

In 2016, MC Lyte started dating John Wyche, after meeting him on In May 2017, they announced their engagement. They exchanged their vows during a musical wedding in Montego Bay in August. Reggae Congo bands played when Lyte walked down the aisle, and the couple’s friend Kelly serenaded them during the ceremony. After that, an intimate gathering with just close friends and family members was held. Unfortunately, MC Lyte has filed for a divorce.

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