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For everyone who spends most of your life on Youtube, you must be familiar, or at least have come across one called Logan Paul. Logan Paul might be everywhere on this popular sharing video platform, but he is not just a Youtuber. The 26 years old guy is also known as a boxer, an internet personality, and an actor. Do you know how much Logan Paul is worth?

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Youtuber, boxer, internet personality, and actor named Logan Paul has an estimated net worth of $19 million.

Logan paul net worth


    • Youtube

There are a total of 26 million people that have subscribed on the Youtube channels owned by Logan Paul, including Logan Paul, ldogandjslice, TheOfficialLoganPaul, and IMPAULSIVE. Aside from the income that he gets from the ad revenue, another income is from sponsors due to his participation including the short ads or making videos about some different kinds of products.

    • Merchandise sales

Logan Paul has a merchandise called Maverick clothing. This one is one of the things he gets his earnings from. Once he bragged about how he managed to sell 3 million dollars worth of merchandise in just three days.

Maverick is not the only thing. Besides, Youtuber is also sponsored by a few organizations such as Hanes, HBO, Nike, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pepsi, and Verizon. His earnings come from his activity by uploading the contents that feature these products. According to Forbes, a post shared by him is worth $150,000 per post on Facebook and $80,000 per post on Instagram.

    • Boxing

From the boxing ring, Logan Paul collected $2 million in his fight against KSI. They believed they earned more from the merchandise. He and KSI, the fellow Youtuber, are known to hate each other. In August two years ago, they fought in the ring. This one gained a total of 2.25 million viewers, with 1 million was from pay-per-view and another 1.2 million was from Twitch streams. According to a report, 1.3 million purchased the fight via PPV, resulting in about $13 million in revenue.

Following the success of the first duel, a year after that (on November 9, 2019), they had a rematch, the one that was held at the Staples Center is Los Angeles. By participating in the fight, Logan Paul brought a minimum of $900,000 home. The one fight that was aired by the boxing company named DAZN USA topped $3 million each.

Apparently, he has an upcoming fight against Mayweather and this one undoubtedly will pay him a lot as well.

Salary highlights:

    • 2016: $12.5 million
    • 2017: $12 million
    • 2018: $14.5 million
    • 2019: $10 million

Earnings logan paul

Things Logan Paul Spends His Money On

    • Real Estate

Logan Paul currently lives in a mansion located in the Los Angeles suburb of Encino, in the San Fernando Valley region of LA. This one is a French style house. It was purchased in October 2017 for $6.55 million. Actually, it was worth $8.5 million. It is a 30,000 square feet place that consists of 14 rooms and a half of them are bedrooms. Aside from bedrooms, it also has a wet bar, a swimming pool, a wine cellar, and a screening room with a projector. The place is known as The Maverick House.

    • Cars

Logan Paul has a few collections of cars. The first one is Mercedes-Benz G Wagon. This one is such an extraordinary one. It is unique and has a magic charm to attract people’s attention whenever it is on the road. The car is a 4×4 squared car with a massive snow plot in the front, the thing that makes it stand out among the other ones. It is known as The Yeti due to its size and its color.

The second vehicle that he has is called Dodge Challenger. It is named that way because it is used as a merch car. Basically, it is the one that he changes the color based on the color of the cloth he wears.

The third one is called the Cool Bus. Just like the second one, Youtube and boxers also do not use it often. It features a very cool looking sound system. There are also some bean bags to chill. One of the most interesting things is the tyre with writing of the official website of his merchandise.

The fourth one is Polaris Slingshot. It was purchased as the birthday gift for himself. It is such a cool one with black color dominating.

The fifth one is the Maverick Bugatti Veyron. Actually, this one does not belong to him but it is worth mentioning. Logan Paul was seen with it when he was in Dubai. At the time, the guy collaborated with Deals of Wheels and had this Bugatti worth $2 million for the day. He featured his Maverick merchandise branding on it.

    • Charity

One of his greatest scandals, the vlog in Japan, makes Logan Paul care more about others. After getting tons of backlash, he said he would donate a total of $1 million towards charity. However, it is still known if it is true as some reports say he never donated it.

While his promise to donate $1 million remains a mystery, he managed to successfully earned $130,000 through a Livestream by unboxing the Pokemon card. He donated all the money to the National Alliance on Mental Health. After that, he held the Challenger games and sent all the things to charity. It was about $14,000.


Logan Paul is such a smart guy. He posted a compilation of videos on Youtube that originally were on Vine. It managed to earn more than 4 million views within a week. On Vine, he had 4 million followers and he was asked to make something for HBO, Virgin Mobile, Pepsi, and so on. After Vine was no longer active, he started to focus on Youtube.

No one can deny the success of Logan Paul. There are a few videos by him with almost 5 billion views. He also has more than 20 million subscribers on Youtube, 15 million fans on Facebook, and 16 million followers on Instagram.

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