Lil Dicky Net Worth

Being a rapper was not the profession that Lil Dicky dreamed of. Reportedly, Dicky has always been interested in comedy or as author first and foremost. But fate speaks differently, thanks to the rapper’s career, he eventually becomes successful.

Lil Dicky is also known as a rapper who incorporates satirical comedy into his rapping so that he is both a rapper and a comedian at the same time, making his songs really fun. However, His songs were such a breakthrough that at this point the general public could no longer relate to rap music. That’s what changed its mission to present rap songs as friendly as possible.

Lil Dicky Net Worth

Despite his rap music breakthrough, Dicky’s net worth is also awaited by his fans. So, here’s everything about Lil Dicky for his net worth, his career journey, and his life.

What Is Lil Dicky’s Net Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth reported that Dicky’s net worth is roughly $8 million. He is also part of a wave of entertainers who gained popularity on the YouTube video streaming platform. Since then, it has increased his online success to legitimate work in the music industry alongside legendary rappers from Fetty Wap to Snoop Dogg.

How Does Lil Dicky Make Money?

As we’ve mentioned, his major income comes from his YouTube Channel named Lil Dicky. This channel has more than 7 million subscribers with almost 2 billion video views, an astronomical amount for a rapper with only one album ever released. He has a song which even dwarfs Earth’s figures.

Dicky’s channel released the music video for ‘Freaky Friday’ in 2018, his song with Chris Brown. This video currently sits at almost 650 million views, meaning his channel will be earning a huge daily income from advertising revenue on YouTube alone.

Moreover, their  huge record sales also speak for themselves. Even though Dicky has only ever released one proper album, however, his album sold more than 20,000 copies in its first week and it topped in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 200 albums chart.

Apart from that, Dicky has over 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify with ‘Freaky Friday’ which reaches over half a billion plays. It means that he will be earning a handsome monthly paycheck from streaming services too.

Outside of YouTube and music, Dicky has also earned his worth, thanks to numerous extremely lucrative endorsement deals including condom brand, Trojan. He also produced and starred in Dave on FXX where he played a fictionalized version of himself.

Dicky also owns an online clothing store named Lil Dicky Merch which started with a crowd funding of $ 113,000 bringing him to a net worth of $ 8 million.

How Does Lil Dicky Spend Money?

With a total of $8 million, Dicky actually spends money on real estate. Reportely, he owns a cottage which costs roughly $2.5 million in Venice. This covers a vast area of over 2100 square feet. Unfortunately, he clamped down this gorgeous cottage by paying around $2.5 million for a 2,162-square-foot which is surrounded by a white picket fence.

This is a premium cottage where it sits on a lot which spans less than an acre. However, it’s such a good living home which features rooms for guests including one guest room which adjoins the master suite and another separate guest room.

Lil Dicky’s Career

Lil Dicky’s Career

Dicky started his rap career in 2001 where he was still working with the agency, so he needed him two years to record his first song, ‘So Hard’. Dicky revealed that he began rapping to get attention for his comedic style. However, rap fascinates him and he does not leave it.

Dicky created the ‘So Hard’ song by only using a laptop and a microphone. His actual career began in 2013 once he released one song per week for a consecutive five months. He also gained his fame once his 2013 release ‘Ex-boyfriend’ grossed a million views in the first 24 hours of the releases. After that, he released a series of songs called ‘Hump Days’.

Once a release of more than 30 songs, Dicky initiated a Kickstarter. In the process of making this song, he revealed that he ran out of money and asked the public for funds for his rap career. Finally, his song ‘Kickstarter’ collected funding of $113,000 with the goal of only $70,000.

The following year, Dicky appeared in a live concert for the first time. He planned a simultaneous career in comedy and acting. He eventually released his debut album, ‘Professional Rapper’ in 2015, featuring renowned artists including Fetty Wap, Snoop Dogg, Retro Jace and more.

This album gained #7 on the Billboard 200. He also earned a spot in XXL magazine’s Freshman line-up and Dave East, Lol Uzi Vert, Anderson Paak, Lil Yatchy and more. In 2017, he released a music video ‘Pillow Talking’. This music video ranked 49th most expensive video ever created as its special effects. He then launched an EP, ‘I’m Brian’ that same year.

The following year, he released a single ‘Freaky Friday’, featuring Chris Brown. This song created hysteria with over 100 million views in a month. This was also the year of his first Australian tour, a special performance as he has spent 2 years studying in Melbourne.

Dicky then released another music video ‘Earth’ featuring Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Kevin Hart and even Leonardo DiCaprio. The main goal of this video was to present the awareness about environmental practices. He considered that his video as the most important he ever did where a large portion of the song’s profit would donate to charities.

Lil Dicky’s Early Life

David Andrew Burd or better professionally as Lil Dicky was born  on March 15, 1988 in Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania. In 2010, Dicky graduated from the University of Richmond. After that, he moved to San Francisco for a job at the Goodby, Silverstein & Partners ad agency filled in the accounting department.

The agency wanted him to move into the creative department after he worked professionally for a monthly progress report in the form of a rap video.

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