Kobe Bryant Net Worth

Kobe Bryant might not be around anymore but his legacy is still there. The basketball player is still included as one of the NBA icons. He was one of the most successful basketball players and athletes in general. Besides, he was also one of the most successful businessmen that could use the opportunity well. Have you ever wondered how much he had earned from all the things that he had done? Read everything below if you are curious about his net worth.

Net worth 2021

As per 2021, the estimated net worth of Kobe Bryant is at roughly $600 million. The number includes his earnings from his basketball career, endorsement deals, some investments, and media rights to his movies and book releases. It is no doubt such an amazing number but he would surely accomplish much more if he had still been here today.

Kobe Bryant Net Worth

Earnings from basketball

Kobe Bryant made his first appearance or his debut in the league in the year of 1996. He was the third overall pick of the class, which was excellent. After graduating from Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia, he immediately earned $1 million in his very first year in the league. It was such a big amount compared to the other things. Three years later, he signed a huge contract with the popular NBA team based in LA called LA Lakers. Since the deal, the excellent player would normally earn a total of $10 million per season. When his career was about to end, Kobe Bryant earned the most. He was once paid $30.4 million just for a single season. In his 20 years career with the LA Lakers, he has earned more than $320 million.

Endorsement deals

kobe bryant-As one of the most talented and one of the most popular NBA players, Kobe Bryant had tons of brands queueing to get him to sign for their products. Everyone wanted him to represent their brand because they knew he was that popular and he would sell a lot. Nutella, Sprite, Spalding, Upper Deck, Call of Duty, and McDonald’s were some big names included on the list. It is kind of impossible to calculate the real number of how much he has earned in endorsement deals during his time as one of the most popular athletes and celebrities in the world. One thing for sure is the fact that he earned a lot, like a lot.

Even after his retirement in 2016, Kobe Bryant remained to be one of the most wanted for the endorsement prior to his passing. His retirement did affect his value but he was still valuable and the big names still came after him. He signed active deals with a few companies such as Turkish Airlines and Lenovo last year. Turkish Airlines and Lenovo were big but the biggest one was probably his deal with the popular sport apparel, Nike. As a part of their collaboration with the retired basketball player, Nike launched a retro of the player’s own personal shoe line. The professionals estimate that he was still earning around $20 million each year in the endorsement deals only.

Something bad was actually happened in 2003 where Kobe Bryant was included in the sexual assault scandal. This dark time had a significant adverse effect on his marketability. The case made a few brands like McDonald’s and Ferrero made a decision to cancel their deals with him in order to draw a line with him. Even though he managed to prove that he is innocent in the court, the damage has been done and there was no chance to recover his peak market value.


Apart from basketball, Kobe Bryant also had a few investments that kept bringing him in the profits by the millions. The popular website related to sports named The Players’ Tribune and energy drink named BodyArmor were included as some of the most profitable investments owned by him. At first, the energy drink company was purchased by the player for $6 million in the year of 2014. He purchased 10% of the share. Four years after his first purchase on something, the giant company known as Coca Cola purchased a stock in the company, making the brand had an estimated net worth of $2 billion. This thing increased the stake owned by Kobe Bryant, which is now estimated at $200 million.

The things Kobe Bryant spent his money on  

Kobe Bryant was named as the NBA player with the highest paid. He was also the most electric. Even though he was always hardworking and spent all of his life on basketball, he still enjoyed his life and worked on a few things after his retirement.

Kobe Bryant had a thing for the cars produced by the Italian producers. He never hesitated to buy Italian cars. One day he entered a Ferrari dealership and spent $329,000 for one of them. Aside from the cars, he also had three houses that three of them were worth $18.8 million in 2012. Each of them is placed in Orange County, California, near his former workplace, Staples Center. In addition to the cars and houses, he had a helicopter that usually took him home after the games. Just like any other ones, he did not like traffic so the vehicle was like the thing that saved him from the horrid LA traffic.

Actually, the thing does not stop here. Kobe Bryant purchased a $5.8 million building in Newport Beach used to be the place for the house and office of Kobe Inc. The thing called Kobe Inc. has also made a collaboration with Alibaba to make the documentary about him entitled Muse. This work is to produce and distribute Kobe branded products in China.

Not only did he care for himself and his family, Kobe Bryant did also care for the others. Before he left the world forever, he was very active being a donator. He had donated millions of dollars to the organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Stand-Up to Cancer.

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