Keepupradio Net Worth

If you often access Tik Tok, you may be familiar with Keepupradio. She is a social media influencer from America. She becomes popular because of her entertaining clips on TikTok. Are you curious about her net worth? Let’s find out about it here together with the other information about her.

Keepupradio’s Net Worth

According to some online sources, it is estimated that Keepupradio has a net worth of $600K to $900K. She has a natural ability to connect with people and she is also sociable. In her videos, she shows her sense of humor and sense of fun through pranks and challenges.


Keepupradio’s Career

Keepupradio is a social media influencer from America. She is popular because of her clips on TikTok which are entertaining. She began to make lip-syncs videos on TikTok and then she started to post short sketched with captions which are funny and catchy.

She has skills in fron of camera could earned her an impressive fan base on TikTok. Keepupradio becomes one of the trending artists on TikTok with millions of likes on her videos.

On Instagram, she is popular because of her good looks. Even though she is popular on TikTok and Instagram, but until now, she does not have a Youtube channel yet. Now, on her TikTok account, he has more than 375.2k followers and more than 8.2 million likes.

Keepupradio Personal Life

The real name of Keepupradio is Whitney. She was born on June 27th, 1996 in Buffalo, NY. Keepupradio’s nationality is American and her ethnicity is mixed. Her height is 165 cm or 5 ft 5 and her weight is around 55 kg or 121 lbs. Her eyes are dark brown and she has cherry red hair.

Below, we have a biodata of Keepupradio.

    • Real Name: Whitney
    • Nickname: Keepupradio
    • Occupation: TikTok Star, Social Media Star
    • Age: 24 years old
    • Birthday: June 27th, 1996
    • Birthplace: Buffalo, NY
    • Ethnicity: Mixed
    • Nationality: American
    • Height: Approx. 5 ft 5 in or 165 cm
    • Weight: Approx. 55 kg or 121 lbs
    • Eye Color: Dark Brown
    • Hair Color: Cherry Red
    • Shoe Size: 6.5 (US)

She has a big interest and knowledge in a range of fields. She also has a gregarious and warm presence on social media to match. The videos that she creates are varied and entertaining. In her videos, she often tries new angles or new material. Besides, she also sometimes collaborates with some social media personalities.

Some Facts About Keepupradio

There are some facts about this influencer as you are able to read below according to Stars Gab.

    • Her sense of dress and fashion is good. Besides, she also has a natural affinity for the camera.
    • She is warm yet enigmatic and she has attracted a range of fans and followers.
    • She proves her willingnes to appreciate other performers in her work.
    • She likes acting and modeling and she has undertaken a number of projects.
    • She has been sponsored by brans including The Coldest Water Bottle and Buffalo Beauties.
    • She really likes of Ariana Grande.
    • She posted her first content on TikTok in November 2020 where she introduced her account.
    • The first celebrity that she created a video about was Ariana Grande.
    • She posted videos about a lot of celebrities including Bad Bunny, Melanie Martinez and Dove Cameron.

Other Tik Tok Stars

Besides Keepupradio, there are many other popular TikTok stars as you are able to see from the list below.

    • Vinnie Hacker

The real name of Vinnie Hacker is Vincent Hacker. He was born on July 14th, 2002 in Seatlle, Washington. He is 18 years old now and he is popular because of his short comedy and lip-sync videos on his TikTok account. On Instagram, he posted modeling photos. Before being popular, he edited music and short films for fun and also he put together sports highlights for Youtube and Instagram pages. He became a baseball player for Seatlle Select and O’Dea High School. He attented the #1 sports school in Washington and one of the top 170 sports chools in the nation. He has become a member of The Univerity of Diversity, Sway Gaming and Hype House.

    • Bryce Hall

He was born on August 14th, 1999 in Maryland. Now, he is 21 years old. On his TikTok account, he posts comedy, dance and lip-sync. Often, he posts them videos alongside his friends and fellow TikTok creators. On the platform, he has more than 20.4 million followers. He started to be active on social media around late 2014. More than 30,000 followers were earned by him on Vine before the app was shut down. On, he has more than 1 million followers. He joined the social group named Sway House and together with the other popular social influencers such as Josh Richards and Kio Cyr. In 2020, a finance podcast named Capital University was launched.

    • Dixie D’ Amelio

She was born on August 12th, 2001 in Norwalk, Connecticut. Now, she is 19 years old. She is a singer and also social media personality. She is popular because of her videos on the social media platform TikTok. In 2020, she starred in the Youtube series entitled Attaway General. On her TikTok account, she has more than 52.7 million followers. On that platform, usually she posts dance videos often together with other TikTok creators like Daisy Keech, Bryce Hall and her sister Charli D’Amelio. She became a member of the collaborative TikTok group named The Hype House from late 2019 to May 2020. In June 2020, she released her single entitled Be Happy.

    • Mattia Polibio

He was born on May 16th, 2003 in New Jersey. Now, he is 18 years old. He is  lip-sync, comedy and duet video creator and he also posts vlogs on his self-titled TikTok account. He has more than 5 million followers on his TikTok platform. Each of his videos regularly get more than 1 million views. The oldest videos that he posted on his account were from November of 2018. His first video on TikTok which reached 100,000 likes was captioned as “we’re 100% straight don’t get it twisted”.

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