Keanu Reeves Net Worth

John Wick, a 2014 series film that was very popular at its time, which combined the action thriller genre with a story that was presented very nicely, certainly could not be separated from Keanu Reeves’ hard work for his acting.

Of course,  it’s not surprising that John Wick: Chapter 2-Parabellum (2019) won the highest award at the Golden Trailer Awards and also won the Best Trailer title. Not only that, this film series also won the Best Action and Best Summer 2019 Blockbuster Trailer categories.

Surely, these awards certainly come from how impressive Keanu Reeves’ acting was when he played the role as John Wick. Considering the John Wick film got success, the public certainly want to know for Reeves’ net worth as he’s named as the highest-paid Hollywood actor. So, let’s see Reeves’ net worth on our post below!

Keanu Reeves Net Worth

What Is Keanu Reeves’ Net Worth?

According to Forbes, Keanu Reeves’ net worth is roughly $360 million, as of 2020. He was named into A-list status with the success of 1994 action Flick Speed where he got two Academy Awards with a total gross revenue of $350.5 million both domestically and internationally.

Reeves further successfully starred in The Matrix franchise, a trilogy of sci-fi action films with total gross revenue of $1,6 billion dollars. Certainly, his role as Neo in this film was praised and well-received. Playing the role as ‘John Wick’ led this film to generate more than $500 million at the box office. His movies have grossed more than $4.6 billion worldwide.

How Does Keanu Reeves Make Money?

Reeves mostly earns money through his salary. For his debut in 1968’s ‘Youngblood’ film, he only earned $3,000. Then, his role in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure got him to earn $95,000. He then earned around $1.2 million for 1994’s ‘Speed’ which is the same as around $2 million after adjusting for inflation.

Reeves turned down $11 million to appear in the ‘Speed’ sequel film. He also earned $2 million for Johnny Mnemonic and $8 million for The Devil’s Advocate.

His worth continued to grow after he starred in the film ‘The Matrix’. He got the role as Neo in this film after Will Smith turned down the part. He was paid around $10 million advance. Reeves was also given a chunk of the backend, thanks to the movie’s surprise success which generated in total earnings of $35 million for the first movie which is the same as around $53 million after inflation.

The fourth Matrix installment was announced by Warner Bros in August 2019. In fact, The Matrix was one of the best-selling DVDs of all time and also the second and third movie’s enormous box office success.

Well, his backend bonuses would eventually get him as the highest-paid actor of all time for a single franchise. He totally earned around $120 million in bonuses from the second and third movies. As of this writing, his total earnings from The Matrix film through all sources reached $200 million.

Reeves also co-founded a production company named Company Films. He is the founder of a small press called X Artists’ Books. He himself has written two books, ‘Ode to Happiness and Shadows’.

Keanu Reeves’ Career

How Does Keanu Reeves Spend Money?

Just like most action-film actors, Reeves really loves spending his money for motorcycle collections. His collection is totally estimated to be worth hundreds of thousands. His Arch motorcycle costs around $78,000 with completely custom-designed. He is also co-founder of a renowned motorcycle company, Arch Motorcycle, based in Los Angeles. He also owns the Porsche car, especially the 911 Carrera.

That makes sense if Reeves owns $8 million Hollywood Hills Home to get him live close to Leonardo DiCaprio and also Calvin Klein over in the Hollywood Hills. The 5,607-square-foot mansion is said to be worth over $8 million.

His mansion has totally just two bedrooms and three bathrooms. This single family home was originally built in 1988 which also has a three-car garage, a pool and the aerial views of the property.

Aside from Hollywood Hills mansion, Reeves also spent his money to purchase beach homes in Malibu and Hawaii. He bought the home in Hawaii in 2015 and today this adorable home has a worth of over $6 million. This stunning home sits on a hill which was sold for a whopping $6.8 million. A 10,245-square-feet home has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, three floors and the most amazing infinity pool overlooking the city.

Humble and down to earth, only these two words can describe his personality. Reeves is known to be active in charity. He has a cancer charity he set up, however, he chose not to attach his name to it. He also supports the SickKids Foundation and Stand up to Cancer and PETA

In addition, Reeves was also willing to cut his salary from the film The Matrix by about $ 50 million which he gave to the unsung heroes working behind the scenes in order to get them a pay boost.

He is known as someone who is plain and simple, and selfless, always trying to be kind to other people and their efforts.

Keanu Reeves’ Career

Reeves’ acting career began when he was 9 years old for his first appearance of theatre in Damn Yankees. His early career was started out with small roles on Canadian television, commercials and numerous stage productions.

He got his green card once dropping out of high school and then moved to Los Angeles to live with his ex-stepfather who was a stage and television actor. He then appeared in Hangin’ In, short films, plenty of commercials and stage work.

He first appeared on the big screen in 1986’s Youngblood. Reeves then landed various co-starring roles including his big role in River’s Edge film. Following his role, he also appeared in the successful film, ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ and its sequel ‘Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey’.

After the film Devil’s Advocate received good reviews at the box office, this is where his acting career took off rapidly. In addition, he has also taken part in producing movies and playing bass guitar. Recently, he is working on numerous projects which are in various stages of post-production.

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