Juice Wrld Net Worth

On December 8th, 2019, the world was shocked with the news that came from the young rapper named Jarad Anthony Higgins or Juice Wrld. He collapsed at Midway International Airport, Chicago. Before collapsing, he took several pills. He actually regained consciousness for a while before his last breath.

At that time, Juice Wrld was popular. His popularity was undeniable. He was really big and earned a lot. Even when he was no longer around, his income kept coming. For those who are curious about his net worth, here is everything for you.

Juice Wrld Net Worth

Net Worth

At the time he left the world two years ago, Juice Wrld had a net worth of $4 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.


After a year of his death, the estate Juice Wrld earned a total of $15 million from various royalty streams, merchandise, and some other avenues, making him the highest paid deceased celebrity during the period. For comparison, the estate of the popular NBA legend named Kobe Bryant collected around $25 million in the same period.

According to some sources, he left behind 2,000 tracks that have not yet to be released. The popular DJ named Marshmello stated that he and the rapper teamed up on a couple of the songs that have not been released. In the future, these albums and the ones featuring him will surely be released, meaning the net worth of him will still be added even when he is already gone.


Juice Wrld started to write and record his first song when he was only a sophomore in high school. After making his first creation, he uploaded it to the popular audio platform named Soundcloud. It was in 2015. On the platform, he went with the name JuicetheKidd. His inspiration came from his love for the late rapper Tupac who acted in the firm entitled Juice. It explains why he used the name Juice Wrld when he entered the professional music industry. He believed that it represents him taking over the world.

When a record label found him and his talent, he already was quite popular on Soundcloud with a decent following. He attracted the hip hop community thanks to his unique style. While in the middle of making his first EP, he was hired by a factory. He decided to take it because he needed it to support his life. Unfortunately, he was sacked within two weeks.

On the brighter side, Juice Wrld signed with the record label and production company that is based in Los Angeles known as Internet Money Records. His firing did not really matter for him because he got an alternative way to earn money, a better one. The label itself specialized in getting the rising ones who start on social media platforms. Since Juice Wrld was from Soundcloud, he fitted the description well.

Juice Wrld career
In 2017, Juice Wrld dropped his debut full length album named 9, 9, 9, the one with the hit song named Lucid Dreams in it. The success was able to be seen when his fanbase grew well. Not long after the release of the album, many eyes were on him, including the ones from hip hop artists such as Waka Flocka Flame and a rapper from Chicago named Lil Bibby. Then, Lil Bibby took him to the record studio owned by him, Grade A Productions. Under Lil Bibby, Juice Wrld released an EP, which once again managed to gain tons of attention from the hip hop community.

In early 2018, the rapper signed a contract with Interscope Records worth $3 million. There, he made a video for Lucid Dreams and the single of it was released in May the same year. As he had gotten attention before, this release was also successful, peaking at number two on the Billboard Hot 100. Following this success, he then came with his full length debut studio album entitled Goodbye & Good Riddance the following month.

The first studio album made by him was well-loved by both critics and listeners. A total of five singles were born from it. It landed at the number 17 on Billboard’s Hot 200 and was certified platinum. In 2018, the musician dropped his first collaboration ever. The one that collaborated with him was Lil Uzi Vert. They teamed up for Wasted. In the same year, he also announced this tour date named WRLD Domination.

Not only these artists mentioned above, Juice Wrld has also collaborated with Travis Scott. He was featured for Astroworld. His work was known to be diverse. Once he even took part filling the soundtrack for the Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse the movie with the song named Hide.

In March 2019, he released his second studio album, Death Race to Love. Just like the previous releases, this one was also successful by debuting at number one on the Billboard 200. The album resulted in the Gold certificate and it was also praised by many, including most critics.

Once the second album was over, Juice Wrld was the guest for the Nicki Wrld Tour owned by the popular female rapper, Nicki Minaj. Before he left the world forever, he had a collaboration with NBA YoungBoy “Bandit”, which was peaking at number 10 on the charts.

The Highest-Paid Deceased Celebrities  

As of 2020, Juice Wrld was ranked 4 as the highest paid deceased celebrities in the world. The top one was snatched by Michael Jackson with $48 million.

    1. Michael Jackson ($48 million)
    2. Dr. Seuss ($33 million)
    3. Charles Schulz ($32.5 million)
    4. Arnold Palmer ($25 million)
    5. Elvis Presley ($23 million)
    6. Kobe Bryant ($20 million)
    7. Juice WRLD ($15 million)
    8. Bob Marley ($14 million)
    9. John Lennon ($13 million)
    10. Prince ($10 million)
    11. Freddie Mercury ($9 million)
    12. George Harrison ($8.5 million)
    13. Marilyn Monroe ($8 million)

The list above was made by Forbes. They compiled the numbers with the help of data from IMDbPro, MRC Data, NPD BookScan and interviews with some insiders from the industry.

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