John Langley Net Worth

Everyone must have heard about the name John Langley. It is almost impossible to not know him as he was known as the Godfather of Reality Television thanks to the long running success of COPS. As a big name in the TV field, he earned a lot.

Net Worth and Salary

According to the site that reports the net worth of the popular figures named Celebrity Net Worth, the net worth of John Langley was $200 million at the time of his death on June 26, 2021 due to heart attack while competing in a cost to coast off road race in Baja California, Mexico. To understand the number of his net worth, one must read about his career, which will be unveiled below.

John Langley Net Worth


When he just started his TV career, John Langley worked as a publicist. Then, he worked with the fellow producer named Malcolm Barbour to release a documentary entitled Cocaine Blues. This documentary caught the eye of Geraldo Rivera who then worked with him and Malcom Barbour to make a show called American Vice: The Doping of a Nation. It was believed as a revolutionary show as it displayed three drug arrests on live TV for the first time in the history. The show was successful and it was the start of the TV genre.

The Langley-Barbour duo could not successfully shop around the pilot episode of COPS for a few years. in 1987, there was a young development executive named Stephen Chao that was looking for cheap programming to put on the Fox Television Network, the one that just got a jackpot with America’s Most Wanted. At the time, there was a writer’s strike in Hollywood. The situation was a good thing for COPS as it did not need a single actor or writer. When that young development executive saw the pilot of COPS for the first time, he smelled success.

On March 11, 1989, COPS premiered. Two years later, the program was moved to primetime with two back to back episodes in the 8PM time slot. In between 1989 and 2019, the show was planned to be aired with a total of 1,072 episodes divided into more than 31 seasons. The plan was made well. unfortunately, something happened and the show was canceled by Fox in 2013. Hearing the news, Spike TV came to rescue by quickly picking it up. The show aired for more than three decades before it was totally cancelled for the second time in 2020 in the reaction to the murder of George Floyd and general unrest connected to aggressive police officers.

From DVD sales of COPS alone, it was reported that Fox and Langley Productions have earned hundred of millions of dollars in revenue. While it is true that COPS was undoubtedly a hit, it does not mean that it is perfect. The show has been criticized for glamorizing police that usually uses the aggressive tactics while covering about the crimes done by poor people, minorities and drug addicts. People think it is not fair when gaining profit by selling the miseries or the unfortunate events of the other people.

The life of John Langley did not only revolve around COPS. Aside from the COPS, he was also known as the producer of the TV series The Tony Rock Project, Vegas Strip, Las Vegas Jailhouse, Jail, and Undercover Stings. In 2011, the man was awarded a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6667 Hollywood Blvd. Besides, he has been nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Informational Series for COPS.

John Langley Career

Real Estate Assets

An American TV documentary program named COPS was produced from a building in Santa Monica owned by John Langley. The thing known as Langley Productions is located at 1111 Broadway in Santa Monica. In 2004, he acquired that property for $1.9 million. According to some sources, the real estate is now worth $5-10 million. In 2015, the Langley couple decided to list their home in Santa Monica for sale for $2.1 million.

Both John Langley and his wife Maggie Langley are named as the owners of a few properties located in Manhattan Beach, California. In 1994, the couple purchase a home with a beach view for $400,000. After the purchase of that home, they acquired the lot next door and made a huge property with a today’s net worth of estimated $20-25 million. In October 2018, these two acquired another one in the same arena for $4.9 million.

A year after acquiring the place where Langley Productions is located, he paid $3.5 million for a home located in Ojai, California. This one consists of seven bedrooms. The property is now predicted to have a net worth of $7-8 million.

Aside from the homes, John Langley and his family have a restaurant located in Manhattan Beach named Avanue. Not only that, he is also co-owned a restaurant located in Ojai named Auberge that had been running for 25 years. Unfortunately, the later one was closed permanently in 2008. It is worth noting that after opening the restaurant, they also acquired the building in which the restaurant was located. Since 2015, the place has been home to one of the best restaurants of the town named Nocciola.

Early Life

    • Full Name: John Russell Langley
    • Nick Name: John Langley
    • Gender: Male
    • Place of Birth: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
    • Birth of Date: June 1, 1943
    • Age: 78 years old
    • Star Sign: Gemini
    • Nationality: American
    • Occupation: Director, writer, producer
    • Wife/Spouse: Maggie Langley
    • Died: June 26, 2021

John Langley was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the United States of America on June 1, 1943. When he was a kid, his family decided to move to Manhattan Beach, California. He once served in the intelligence unit of the US Army for two years. It was in between 1961 and 1963. In 1971, he graduated from California State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. After that, he then earned a master’s degree in literature and composition.

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