Jennifer Aniston Net Worth

When talking about the celebrities in Hollywood with the enduring career, Jennifer Aniston would make it to the list. She is better known as her character as Rachel Green from the popular TV sitcom named Friends. There are a total 10 seasons of it and it is still well-loved even until now.

The whole Friends series was really a hit. Every cast gained both fame and plenty of money from it. Even after the show has ended, they still earn from their appearances in Friends. As one of the casts, Jennifer Aniston has also earned a lot. Do you know her net worth?

Jennifer Aniston Net Worth

Net Worth

As of 2021, it was reported that the net worth of Jennifer Aniston is estimated to be about $300 million. After season seven of Friends, she was named as one of the highest paid actresses on the earth. She was always made on the list every year. In 2003, she earned $21 million, making her the highest paid actress. Now, she usually collects $25-$30 million each year.


    • Earnings from movies she starred

Jennifer Aniston earned a total of $75 million by starring in the movies between 1997 and 2011. Each movie she is in paid her around $8 million. In 2011, she got the highest film paycheck, $10 million, for her role in Just Go With It.

    • Endorsements

Thanks to her popularity, Jennifer Aniston is counted as one of the most sought after celebrity endorsers in the world. The actress has endorsed a lot of brands, including Emirates, Smartwater, Aveeno, and Eyelove. From the endorsement alone, she is able to make around $10 million each year. Besides, she also created 6 fragrances.

    • Salary from Friends

Jennifer Aniston collected $22,500 from every episode of the first season of Friends. In total, she earned $540,000 for this season alone. In the second season, the salary per episode was increased to $40,000, meaning the actress earned $960,000 for the whole episodes of the season. The entire cast gathered to talk about the salary when the third season was about to start. The discussion resulted in the cast to get paid $75,000 per episode of season three, $85,000 per episode of season four, $100,000 per episode of season five, and $125,000 per episode of season six. When the seventh season was about to be produced, they gathered for the second time to demand something. Then, the team came up with the deal to pay the actor $750,000 per episode in season seven and eight and $1 million per episode in season nine and ten. It means Jennifer Aniston and the other casts brought a total of $24 million home for season nine and $18 million for season ten. In total, she earned around $90 million from the salary alone. The number is increased if you add bonuses and ongoing royalties.

    • Royalty from Friends

According to the contract negotiations made in 2000, each cast of Friends, including Jennifer Aniston, was able to get royalties from the sale of the show. From the royalties and streaming deals, Friends keeps earning $1 billion per year. The report said that every cast of the series can collect $10-$20 million in royalties alone.

    • Salary from Apple TV

By starring on The Morning Show aired by the Apple TV, both Jennifer Aniston and her co-star named Reese Witherspoon collected $1.25 million per episode. Currently, it is the fifth highest amount of money ever paid to an actor on an episode basis.

Thing Jennifer Aniston Spends Her Money On

    • Real estate

Jennifer Aniston has a home located in the Bel Air near Los Angeles. This one was purchased in January 2012 for $20.1 million. After her marriage with the popular actor named Brad Pitt came to an end in 2006, she bought a home located in Beverly Hills for $13.5 million. At the time, she spent more because she wanted to remodel from the ground up. 5 years later, she decided to sell this one for $35 million. Aside from these, the actress also has a property in New York City worth $10 million.

    • Cars

Jennifer Aniston has been seen with a number of supercars. Some of them include Toyota Prius, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz S Class, Audi A8, Bentley, and Porsche Panamera.

    • Trip

In 2017, Jennifer Aniston and her then husband went to the City of Lights, Paris, to celebrate Valentine Day. Aside from visiting Eiffel Tower, the couple also visited Louvre to see Mona Lisa.

No one knows the reason why Jennifer Aniston loves Mexico that much, to the point the actress visits the country every year. Sometimes, she goes with her friends and sometimes she is with his loved one.

Jennifer Aniston always makes time for a trip, even though she is busy. Once she went to Italy to enjoy Lake Como with her friends like George Clooney and Adam Sandler. Actually, both her and Adam Sandler were filming for the Netflix movie but they managed to spend time together along with their partners, excluding Aniston.

    • Investment

In addition to actress and spokeswoman, Jennifer Aniston is also a producer. Being a producer is not an easy job. As a producer, she has to invest into a project, meaning tons of money. However, we should applaud her for being brave to invest in something that is risky. A few things that she has invested in include Cake, Dumplin’, The Yellow Birds, The Switch, and Life of Crime. Apparently, most of them have her in it.

The Net Worth of The Other Friends Stars

Friends was a hit. Each cast of the series has earned a lot from this. As you have already known the net worth of Jennifer Aniston, here is the information about net worth of the other casts.

    • Matt LeBlanc or Joey Tribbiani ($80 million)
    • Lisa Kudrow or Phoebe Buffay ($90 million)
    • David Schwimmer or Ross Geller ($100 million)
    • Matthew Perry or Chandler Bing ($120 million)
    • Courteney Cox or Monica Geller ($120 million)

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