George Clooney Net Worth

George Timothy Clooney, who is more known as George Clooney, is considered as an A-list actor. He is definitely rich and famous. Before getting famous and earning plenty of money, he was struggling in his career. It might be one of the reasons why he loves to help others in need. The good thing about him is that he is not only good to the others but also his family and friends. The guy is known as a good one. Even though he has everything now, he makes an effort to keep himself humble.

Net Worth

The American actor, screenwriter, director, and activist named George Clooney has a net worth of $500 million. His net worth was reported by Celebrity Net Worth. No one ever doubts his wealth because he is an A-list actor and one of the most sought after actors in the entertainment industry.

George Clooney Net Worth

The milestone of his net worth:

    • 1993: $500 thousand
    • 1995: $3 million
    • 2000: $10 million
    • 2005: $50 million
    • 2007: $70 million
    • 2012: $100 million
    • 2015: $200 million
    • 2019: $500 million


George Clooney starred on Sisters. For every episode of it, he collected $40,000. As he appeared in a total of 19 episodes, it means he earned $760,000. ER gave him $100,000 per episode. The actor actually never demanded for a salary raise and he wanted to focus more on becoming a huge star in order to advance his budding movie career. For his work on ER, he brought $11 million in total.

One of his biggest salaries was given by the movie that was released in 1996 named One Fine Day. From it, he earned $3 million. His single appearance in Batman resulted in $10 million. For Out of Sight, he earned $10 million. By appearing on The Perfect Storm, he gained $8 million. He received $15 million for Intolerable Cruelty, $20 million for Ocean’s Eleven and $15 million for Ocean’s Thirteen. From his movie and TV appearances alone, the actor has collected around $200 million pre-taxes.

Aside from his acting jobs, the husband of Amal Clooney has an endorsement deal or has endorsed a few brands and products, including Fiat, Martini, Nepresso, Section Eight Productions. With Nepresso, he has collaborated since 2013. Apparently, a portion of each paycheck has been spent to fund a spy satellite that appears on Sudan at all times. The intention is to keep an eye on a dictator from Sudan named Omar al-Bashir, the one who has been charged with hate crimes. In addition to tracking the dictator, it also tracks his armed forces as the effort to anticipate movements and potential human rights violations.

In 2013, George Clooney teamed up with two entrepreneurs, Rande Gerber and Michael Meldman, to make Casamigos Tequila. For those who have no idea with his two partners, Rande Gerber is actually not new to the entertainment world as he is a husband of Cindy Crawford. As for Michael Meldman, he is known as a real estate tycoon. The trio released the brand as a private label to give tequila to friends and family members. In 2013, they decided to make it public. Four years later, these three sold it to an alcohol conglomerate named Diageo for $1 billion with $700 million in cash and the rest will be paid out based on future performance goals. If $700 million is divided by three, the pre tax cut of George Clooney would be around $230 million and it would be around $150 million after taxes.

George Clooney.

Things George Clooney Spends His Money On

    • Real estate

George Clooney and his wife Amal have properties in every place in the world. The most popular one is the villa located in Lake Como, Italy. This one consists of 15 bedrooms. He acquired it in 2002 for $30 million. The couple has a mansion in Studio City, California that was purchased in 1995 for $2.2 million when he was popular with ER. It is likely worth more than $10 million today. It features a total of six bedrooms. In New York City, these two have an apartment. Not only in the United States and Italy, they also have one in Berkshire, England that is worth $7 million. All of them are worth $100 million.

    • Cars

As rich people, it is no doubt that George Clooney has a collection of cars, especially supercars. His collection includes Porsche 911 GT3 RS, 1958 Corvette, Tesla Signature 100 Roadster, Tango 600 EV, Porsche Roadster, Lexus LS, Lamborghini Aventador, Land Rover, Mercedes S-Class, Grey Mercedes, and Maserati.

    • Bikes

Not only cars, George Clooney also loves bikes. The actor has been spotted with some different kinds of bikes a few times. Some of his bike collections include Yamaha X-Max 250, Piaggio MP3 250 scooter, Harley Davidson Dresser Touring Ultra Limited FLHTK, and Indian bikes.

    • Charity

The life of George Clooney does not only revolve around money and luxury. He also has done some charity work and has shown his support towards a lot of organizations, including 21st Century Leaders, American Foundation for AIDS Research, American Foundation for Equal Rights, Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Ante Up for Africa, Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, CARE, Casey Lee Ball Foundation, Cinema for Peace, Clothes Off Out Back, ENOUGH Project, Entertainment Industry Foundation, Everyone Matters, Feeding America, Golden Hat Foundation, International Rescue Committee, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Make It Right, Make Poverty History, Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation, Not On Out Watch, One Campaign, Onyx and Breezy Foundation, Oxfam, Partners in Health, Realizing the Dream, Red Cross, Rock for Darfur, Satellite Sentinel Project, Save the Children, Screen Actors Guild Foundation, Small Steps Project, Stand Up to Cancer, UNICEF, United Way, Whatever It Takes, and World Food Programme.

It seems like George Clooney has a thing for Sudan. As stated before, he has spent to fund a spy satellite to keep an eye on a dictator from Sudan named Omar al-Bashir, the one who has been charged with hate crimes. Besides, he has worked to stop the human rights atrocities there and has focused on helping the people there.

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