Erin Brockovich Net Worth

There are a lot of movies inspired by real situations and real people. The movie named Erin Brockovich is one of them. Who is Erin Brockovich and why is her story made into a movie? If you want to know about her, including about her net worth, this post will explain it for you.


    • Real Name / Full Name: Erin Brockovich
    • Nick Name: Erin Brockovich
    • Gender: Female
    • Place of Birth: Lawrence, Kansas, United States
    • Date of Birth: June 22, 1960
    • Age: 61 years old
    • Star Sign: Cancer
    • Height: 177 cm of 6 feet 0 inch
    • Weight: 65 kg or 143.3 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Natural blonde
    • Father: Frank Pattee
    • Mother: Betty Jo Pattee
    • Siblings: Frank Jr., Thomas, Jodie
    • Education: Lawrence High School, Kansas State University, Dallas’s Wade College
    • Nationality: American
    • Sexual Orientation: Straight
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Husband/Spouse: Eric L. Ellis (m. 1999), Steven Brockovich (m. 1989-1990), Shawn Brown (m. 1982-1987)
    • Children: Elizabeth Brockovich, Katie Brown, Matthew Brown
    • Occupation: American legal clerk, consumer advocate, environmental activist

Erin Brockovich Net Worth

Net Worth

As of July 2021, the net worth of Erin Brockovich is estimated to be $10 million. The woman earned a fee of $2.5 million for the Hinkley statement. Since then, she has become the president of Brockovich Research & Consulting. In addition to that, she is also popular as a media personality who has been a host of the TV series named Challenge America with Erin Brockovich as well as the show Final Justice.


Erin Brockovich started her career at Kmart in 1981. When she was there, she worked as a management trainee. She then moved to work for Edward L. Masry as a legal clerk. There was an interesting story about her that made her popular.

Before joining the company, she was seeking help from the lawyer named Ed Masry (Albert Finney) to sue the doctor who hit him. But because of his explosive attitude in court, the case of Erin did not win. The relationship between Erin and the lawyer did not stop there because Erin visited his office and asked for a job. Out of pity, he gave her an assignment for a small job. She was surprised when she checked the case documents for the real-estate company Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Hinkley in California who wanted to buy the house of a resident named Donna Jensen.

Donna turned out to have cancer, and her medical history was really bad. When visiting her residence, Erin found another fact that the water in the area was contaminated with arcinogenic hexavalent chromium due to PG&E waste. Erin was curious and wanted to help Donna, so she dug deeper into the case by visiting each house of the directly affected residents. She patiently discovered bits and pieces of information, sacrificing her time that was supposed to be spent with her three dearest children for a greater cause.

In the end, the case came to an end in 1996 and Erin’s side won $333 million. It was the largest settlement ever paid in a direct action lawsuit in United States history. From that case, the place where Erin was a legal clerk called Masry and Vititoe got $133.6 million while she was paid a total of $2.5 million.


Erin Brockovich has got some awards, including:

    • Honorary Doctor of Laws and commencement speaker at Lewis & Clark Law School, Portland, Oregon, in May 2005
    • Honorary Doctor of Human Letters and commencement speaker at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California, on May 5, 2007
    • Honorary Master of Arts, Business Communication, from Jones International University, Centennial, Colorado

Movies and TV Series

Aside from these awards, Erin Brockovich has a movie named after her. The movie named after Erin Brockovich has Julia Roberts starred in it. Actually, Brockovich also made an appearance in the movie as a waitress named Julia R. It is such an interesting thing as these two just exchange their names. It was a successful one and was nominated for a total of five Academy Awards, including Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Writing in a Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.

Actually, it is not the only movie related to Erin Brockovich. There was a documentary called Last Call at the Oasis released in 2012. This one focused on not only water pollution but also the overall state of water scarcity as it has something to do with water policy in the United States.

In addition, there was also a TV series that was made based on the story of Erin Brockovich. The series known as Rebel was dropped on April 8, 2021 and premiered on ABC.

Books and Articles

In 2001, Erin Brockovich published her first book entitled Take It from Me: Life’s a Struggle But You Can Win. Her second one called Superman’s Not Coming, was released just last year on August 25. In the beginning of this year, she wrote about hormone disrupting chemicals decimating human fertility at an alarming rate.

Early Life

Erin Brockovich was born in Lawrence, Kansas, the United States of America as Erin Pattee. Her mother is a journalist named Betty Jo (born O’Neal) while her father is an industrial engineer and a football player named Frank Pattee. She has a total of three siblings: Frank Jr., Thomas, and Jodie. When she was younger, she attended Lawrence High School. After graduating from Lawrence High School, she then attended Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. Not only attending Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, she also graduated from Wade College in Dallas, Texas with an Associate in Applied Arts Degree.

As mentioned before, Erin Brockovich used to work for Kmart in 1981 as a management trainee before deciding to resign after working for a few months. After parting with the company, she then entered a beauty pageant. In the same year, she won Miss Pacific Coast and left the beauty pageant after winning the contest.

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