Dorit Kemsley Net Worth

This fashion designer, at once mother of two is included as one of the richest housewives in the world. Who but Dorit Kemsley, who has a number of ventures, are leading her to live in glamour and extravagance. Plus, married to a rich real estate developer, sure it cannot image how rich Dorit is.

Often seen wearing branded items in several shows or on her feed on Instagram @doritkemsley, of course, a lot of fans are wondering about her wealth, her life and her career journey. If you’re a fan of Dorit, let’s talk about her through our post below!

What Is Dorit Kemsley Net Worth?

As of 2020, Celebrity Net Worth reported that Dorit Kemsley’s net worth is estimated at $50 million. Most of her wealth comes from his career as a reality star and also fashion designer, don’t forget that she also married a successful real estate developer.

The reason why she becomes rich is because she is a self-made woman. Dorit built her wealth on her-own due to her native abilities and her professional training. In the other words, Dorit is a woman succeeding as her qualities, in the tough man-ruled business environment.

Dorit is not just a wife or a good-visual woman, but she puts her mind to work where she has been continuously building success for over a decade. Despite bankruptcy, Dorit reveals that her fashion business is going strong and keeps bringing good income.

In fact, she is still living large in their $7.5 million mansion and working on swimwear line Beverly Beach and a new bridal collection with Nektaria.

Dorit Kemsley Net Worth

How Does Dorit Make Money?

Dorit is well-known for being a reality star on the show ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, She was introduced to this show by former star Lisa Vanderpum in 2016. Dorit successfully managed to grab people’s attention with her glam and drama.

Dorit really used her newfound fame to launch another range of swimwear line named Beverly Beach in 2017. Dorit’s new swimwear collection focused on designing trendy and affordable swimsuits in Los Angeles. She emphasized that she wants to make her fans know her life, her family, her business and her fashion.

By 2019, her brand expanded into accessories and athleisure. Dorit then recently released a capsule collection of bridal gowns in collaboration with the Australian bridal designer, Nektaria, with truck shows which are planned across the US for 2021.

Then Dorit met her future husband, Paul Kemsley who is a well-known personality in England. Known, Paul is a rich property developer, however he’s much better known to the soccer sports fans, as he’s  the former Vice-Chairman of Tottenhham Hotspur, one of the competitive soccer teams from the powerful UK’s Premier League.

They then got married in 2015 and moved to Los Angeles. Need to know that Dorit does not own her business success to her marriage to Paul. That’s because she has already proved her business prowess long before meeting Paul.

Moving to Los Angeles inspired her further. In 2017, she returned to her first passion, that’s design and launched her Beverly Beach. Even though business is her primary strength, Dorit also is very active as a philanthropist and became a supporter of Safe Kids, that’s an organization which dedicates its activity to prevent children from being hurt.

The point is, Dorit fame and riches came to Dorit from her entrepreneurial skills and business activities. Her adventurous spirit made her leave her hometown at 19 years old and then travel the world. However, this was her dream when she was child. Fortunately, Dorit did not wait too long to make it a reality.

Dorit went to Italy and obtained a Bachelor Degree in Marketing, Communication and Design. All Dorit’s skills were put to good work in the fashion business that has been growing continuously for the last 11 years.

As you know, her popularity came later on when she became a cast member of ‘The Real HouseWives of Beverly Hill’.

How Does Dorit Spend Money?

Thanks to Dorit’s growing career as a reality star and fashion designer, she then can enjoy the luxurious life she had dreamed of. With her net worth of $59 million, along with her husband’s wealth, she has a pretty decent real-estate portfolio.

In 2019, they spent $6.5 million to buy a home in the Encino area of Los Angeles. By September 2020, they put their home on the market for $9,5 million. Their home listing was handled by Mauricio Umansky (Kyle’s husband).

If you see on the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ show, they are living in a large mansion in Beverly Hills which reportedly co-own with a business partner. Well, this mansion here was listed for $12 million.

Dorit Kemsley’s Life

Dorit Kemsley was born on June 16, 1976 in Connecticut. Today, she is known as a famous TV personality and business woman. She was raised in Connecticut with the maiden name Lemel. She became famous once marrying the English businessman, Paul Kemsley.

Dorit and Paul married in 2015 at the Rainbow Room in New York. They have two children, Phoenix and Jagger. Now, they live in a large Beverly Hills mansion which at one point was on the market for $12 million. When Dorit is not designing, managing or also appearing on TV, she is an active philanthropist who supports a number of children’s charities.

Paul Kemsley is known as a successful real estate developer and celebrity manager. He currently manages soccer legend Pele and singer Boy George through a management company named Nixxi Entertainment. Boy George lives with the Kemsley’s andis godfather to Paul and Dorit’s son.

Dorit’s Lawsuits

In August 2018, reportedly, Paul Kemsley wracked up $3.6 million worth of gambling debt at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. Paul made five payments to the Bellagio between 2010 and 2011 totalling $850,000, according to the court filing. They then filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and hoped to have their Vegas debts cleared.

Meanwhile, Dorit has been used by a former partner in her swimsuit company which claimed he fronted this couple more than $200,000 to launch the business. But, they deny this claim.

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