Celebrity Net Worth

When you are the net worth of a celebrity, one of the websites that is shown on the top search is called Celebrity Net Worth. What is Celebrity Net Worth? Why is it always on the front page? If you are curious about this website, you are in the right place as you will be informed about the thing known as Celebrity Net Worth. Do not forget to make a visit after reading the article.

The Details of Celebrity Net Worth

  • Type of site: Private
  • Founded: October 2008
  • Founder: Brian Warner
  • Key people: Alex Chan
  • Employees: 11-50
  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • URL: www.celebritynetworth.com

Celebrity Net Worth

The History and the Secret of Celebrity Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth was born in early 2008. When the founder named Brian Warner looked for the net worth of Larry David, the results shown were not that helpful. He then tried to change the keywords but he still could not find the good website providing the information about the day to day wealth and finances of celebrities.

In October of the same year, he decided to make a small team consisting of the individuals who are always hungry to learn. The intention of it was clearly to launch the website named Celebrity Net Worth. At first, it was launched by using the original domain named celebnetworth.com. A year later, the full domain celebritynetworth.com was in the auction so they could acquire it by spending $1,000.

The team of Celebrity Net Worth compiles the data from the financial analysis, market research, and inside sources. They have developed them for about a decade in order to maintain the accuracy and breadth of knowledge.

The number shown as the net worth is estimated from the salaries, real estate holdings, divorce records, royalties, lawsuits, and endorsements. The team use the proprietary formula. Basically, it removes taxes, the fees of manager, agent fees, and lifestyle expenses.

After being checked and being confirmed by a team of editors as well as the industry insiders. Celebrity Net Worth posts the result. It is a must for the whole team to work diligently in order to make sure that the numbers shown are the most accurate and current. It should be the celebrity finance information that you are looking for.

Celebrity Net Worth is professional. Each image shown on Celebrity Net Worth has been licensed via Getty Images, including the sailboat one.

The Team Behind Celebrity Net Worth

The founder of Celebrity Net Worth named Brian Warner does not work alone. He teams up with a few people to manage the website. Below is the list of the full team of Celebrity Net Worth.

    • Director, Brand and Digital Products

Brian Warner is the Director, Brand and Digital Products of Celebrity Net Worth. The site was launched by him in October 2008. When he noticed the lack of results for various celebrity finance web searches, he decided to come with something new and the better one called Celebrity Net Worth. In the past, he used to be the Managing Editor of a big digital entertainment portal. When asked about his favorite richest billionaire, he answered Kirk Kerkorian.

    • Senior Developer

The Senior Developer of Celebrity Net Worth is named Don Wilson. He has plenty of experience building websites that are complex and have high traffic. He got his HTML skill from a road trip with his family. Since then, he has been eager to learn the details of web development, including the front end layouts and building large scale websites. In addition to producing features for Celebrity Net Worth, the man who currently resides in North Dallas also is into astronomy.

    • Authors

Celebrity Net Worth has a few authors. The first one is named Amy Lamare. She currently lives in Los Angeles. She is the writer that covers business, technology, entertainment, philanthropy, and pop culture. The writer used to work for www.hsx.com, Los Angeles Magazine, Your Tango, Thinknum Media, and so on.

The second one is Joseph Gibson. He lives in Austin, TX. He enjoys music, movies, books, and some other ones.

The third one is named Joey Held. He is from Chicago and graduated from University of Miami. Currently, he lives in Auston, TX, just like Joseph Gibson.

The fourth one is Marvin Jules. He is a freelancer. He is so into music and sports. The man graduated from Rutgers University with degrees in Communication and Human Resource Management. Aside from writing, he also owns an online store, the one that sells vintage clothing and accessories. Warren Buffett is his favorite billionaire.

Celebrity Net Worth and Google

7 years after Celebrity Net Worth was founded, Google asked the team to include the data featured on the site in its Knowledge Graph. At the time, Brian Warner rejected the request. In February 2016, Google started to use the information of the Celebrity Net Worth from its search index to show the sneak peak with the net worth at the top of their search result pages for the relevant queries. The features were located above the search results and the results for Celebrity Net Worth were included. The action by Google made the web traffic of Celebrity Net Worth decline by 65% starting from January 2016 to January the next year.

Two years ago, Celebrity Net Worth was asked to provide the on the record testimony to the thing known as House Subcommittee. It was important as part of its investigation into the anti competitive behavior done by Google. The testimony included the timeline when Google began to do their dirty tricks to destroy the business of Celebrity Net Worth. Their dirty tricks include using the scraped content and using Featured Snippet answer boxes. There were three main arguments in the testimony. First, the market power is used by Google as a monopoly to take the advantage while damaging the others. Second, the dirty actions done by Google have caused negative impacts on the open internet. Third, the actions by Google harm everyday internet consumers.

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