Cardi B Net Worth

When thinking about female rappers, Cardi B might come to your mind. There is no doubt because she is counted as one of the top female rappers in the world. She is really popular and is known to be rich. Are you curious how her net worth is? Find out the answer by reading the thing below.

Cardi B net worth

As reported by the Celebrity Net Worthy, Cardi B is worth $24 million dollars in 2021. As an American hip hop artist, rapper, TV, and social media personality, all her earnings come from the music sales, touring and fashion deals.

Cardi B net worth
After being a cast of Love and Hip-Hop: New York in 2015, Cardi B has released hit after hit. She is really iconic with more than 37 followers on Instagram. The female rapper teamed up with Fashion Nova and was also featured in the high profile commercials at the Super Bowl for both Amazon and Pepsi. Up until now, she has become one of the most in demand performers. The big stages belong to her, including Grammy, Rolling Loud Festival, and Coachella.

Cardi B is a record breaker. One of the things that she has broken is the record for highest paid attendance at Rodeo Houston – all dressed in a snazzy cowboy suit. It seems like she was really proud of it as she even shared a video addressing the fact that she had dethroned the previous record owned by Garth Brooks with 75,580 fans attending. Besides, she was also a part of Hustler’s cast. However, it is unknown how much she was paid to start in the movie.

The money Candi B made from Love & Hip-Hop: New York

A lot of people got to know Cardi B from Love & Hip-Hop: New York. She made her first appearance on the VH1 reality TV show. She was casted as the main cast member for two seasons: 6 and 7. In December 2016, Cardi decided to leave the show as she wanted to focus on her music career.

Are you curious how much Cardi B made from Love & Hip-Hop: New York? As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, the cast members of Love & Hip-Hop: New York make between $17,000 and $400,000 per season. Due to the fact that she was a new addition who came late in the series and was only featured on the two seasons of the show, it was impossible for her to make $400,000. However, her net worth at the time was $400,000. In the other words, it seems like she still made some money from the TV show as the cast is well-loved by people.

Candi B

The money Candi B made from her music

The exact number of how much Cardi B made from the music and some other business opportunities is unknown since it is hard to calculate. The only certain thing is that he earned a lot from her debut album entitled Invasion of Privacy, the one that has sold three million copies and is still counting as of September last year. Bodak Yellow, her debut single has sold for more than nine million copies. The other songs such as WAP, Be Careful, Money, and I Like It were also as successful as the previous ones. They also sold millions of copies.

Celebrity Net Worth also reported that Cardi B also signed a multi dollar deal with Atlantic Records, the record label where she is in. The deal was made in September 2017 after the Bodak Yellow hit. A year later, in April 2018 for exact, she also made $170,000 by performing at Coachella for only a half hour. Not only music, Cardi B has also spread her wings to the fashion industry by having a collection with Fashion Nova. Cardi B is really popular and it is seen on her Instagram followers, which is more than 75 million followers.

The things Cardi B spend her money on

Cardi B loves to give away things and her husband, Offset, is her favorite receiver. On the special day of her husband, she once gave him an extraordinary birthday present. It was the money worth of $500,000. It was special because the money was stacked inside a fridge. In addition to the present, she also bought a huge mansion that is worth $5.8 million in Atlanta. Just from these two facts only, everyone can tell that she likes to spoil her love with presents. His husband got a Rolls Royce Wraith worth $320,500 when he turned 26. That luxurious thing was not the only thing as there was a gold Wraith watch to make it more perfect.

Cardi B also loves herself. There is a video posted on her Instagram. In the video, the rapper stated that she had to spend between $250,000 and $300,000 to make over herself. She once was spotted at the popular festival called Coachella in 2018 in 110 carats of diamond Lola bunny Chain with the price of $400,000.

Apart from herself and her loved ones, Cardi B also spends her money for the others. In 2019, she bought presents for less fortunate children. The donation was in the form of the children’s toys that were worth $5,000.

The richest female rappers

Female rappers are not lost to the male ones, as they are also everywhere. It means they also earn a lot. Are you wondering how much they have earned? Who comes first as the richest female rapper in the world? is it Cardi B? Below is the list of the richest female rappers in the world:

    1. Nicky Minaj: $85 million
    2. Queen Latifah: $60 million
    3. Missy Elliott: $50 million
    4. Cardi B: $24 million
    5. Sandra Denton: $15 million
    6. Cheryl James: $14 million
    7. M.I.A: $14 million

All these female rappers listed above are definitely popular and well loved. You can see that Cardi B is not the richest but she has earned a lot. The list might change in the future so keep updating.

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