Biz Markie Net Worth

The United States is known to be the country with a lot of rappers. Kanye West, Nicky Minaj, Eminem, Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, Thupac Shakur, Nas, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, and Cardi B are only a few. There are really a lot of rappers born and have careers there.

The rapping industry is tied with scandals. Basically, the whole industry is portrayed as dark, as seen on the words that are usually featured in the lyrics of the songs. There is at least one taboo word included in the lyric. It might sound cringy for some people but it seems like the rappers are inspired from themselves and their environment.

Call it myth or coincidence but lots of rappers are familiar with gambling, drugs, assault, prostitution, and some other crimes. Lots of them commit these crimes while some other ones live in the environment where these kinds of things normally happen. It is rare for a rapper to have a clean image and a few of them include Biz Markie. Even though he has been in the industry for quite some times, he is clean. If you want to know more about him, including his net worth, keep reading the entire post to find out about everything.

Biz Markie Net Worth


    • Real Name: Marcel Theo Hall
    • Celebrated Name: Biz Makie
    • Gender: Male
    • Place of Birth: egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, United States
    • Date of birth: April 8, 1964
    • Age: 57 years old
    • Star Sign: Libra
    • Height: 190 cm or 6 feet 2 inch
    • Weight: 76 kg or 167.551 lbs
    • Eye Color: Black
    • Hair Color: Bald
    • Education: Longwood High School
    • Nationality: American
    • Religion: Christianity
    • Sexual Orientation: Straight
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Rapper, singer, DJ, beatboxer, record producer, actor, comedian, writer, TV personality, spokesperson

Net Worth

According to Wealthy Persons, the net worth of Biz Markie is estimated to be $5 million in July 2021. His fortune mostly comes from his music career. In addition to that, he earns some extra more from working as a TV personality, commentator, songwriter, and DJ. He has a lot of jobs to gain money.


In 1985, Biz Markie officially started his career as a rapper. Three years later, he made his debut album entitled Goin’ Off. His debut attracted a lot of attention, mostly because of his lead single named Make the Music with Your Mouth, Biz. In the same album, there were also some other ones, including Nobody Beats The Biz, Vapors, and Pickin’ Boogers.

Following the success of his debut album, Biz Markie released the second album on Cold Chillin’/Warner Bros. Records, The Biz Never Sleeps. The masterpiece was produced by himself, his cousin Cool V and Paul C. Just like his debut album, this album was also successful with a single Just a Friend, peaking No.9 on the Billboard charts.

Since he made his debut, the rapper has released a total of five albums, including All Samples Cleared!, I Need a Haircut, Weekend Warrior, and The Biz Never Sleeps.

The man has also participated in a few compilations. Some of those compilations include albums such as Yo Gabba Gabba, On the Turntable, Biz’s Baddest Beats, Ultimate Diabolical, Greatest Hits, and The Aquabats Radio Down!

Biz Markie is well rounded. It has been proven that he is so good at playing with music genres such as hip hop, freestyle, golden aged hip hop and comedy hip hop.

Biz Markie Career

The man has appeared on some TV shows and movies, including Black-ish, Empire, SpongeBob SquarePants, Sharknado 2: The Second One, Randy Cunningham, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Hip Hop Square, CN show Mad, and so on.

In 2020, Markie spread his wings to become a radio DJ on SiriusXM’s LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells Radio (channel 43). The radio show aired every weekday from 13:00 to 16:00 EST.

Studio albums:

    • 1988: Goin’ Off
    • 1989: The Biz Never Sleeps
    • 1991: I Need a Haircut
    • 1993: All Samples Cleared!
    • 2003: Weekend Warrior


    • 1994: Biz’s Baddest Beats
    • 1996: Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks
    • 1998: On the Turntable
    • 2000: On the Turntable 2
    • 2002: Greatest Hits
    • 2006: Make the Music with Your Mouth, Biz
    • 2009: Ultimate Diabolical
    • 2009: Yo Gabba Gabba
    • 2010: The Aquabats Radio Down!

Charting singles:

Year Single Chart Certifications Album
U.S. Hot 100 U.S. R&B US Rap
1987 Make the Music with Your Mouth 84 X Goin’ Off
1988 Vapors 80 x
1989 Just a Friend 9 37 5 RIAA: Platinum The Biz Never Sleeps
1991 What Comes Around Goes Around 84 4 I Need a Haircut
1993 Let Me Turn You On 7 All Samples Cleared!
1993 Young Girl Bluez 4

Early Life

Biz Markie was born as Marcel Theo Hall on April 8, 1964 in New Jersey, United States. He then moved to Long Island near New York. In the new place, he started rapping. It is the same place where he grew up. Talking about his studies, he graduated from Longwood High School located in New York in 1982. After finishing his study, he then started his career in New York City nightclubs and then started to gain local recognition by performing at several colleges in Washington, D.C; Virginia, Maryland; and Pennsylvania.

Personal Life

According to some sources, Biz Markie is currently single. It is also believed that he does not look like the one who has a plan to make a commitment. The 57 year old man has not been married even once even though he has dated a lot of people. Everyone knows that he is linked with almost every female he is photographed with.

Actually, Biz Markie has a decent personal life as he seems to be a decent man. He is different compared to most rappers in the industry who love to cause scandals. Contrary to those rappers, he has a clean image and he does not have any scandals under his name for behaving impulsively or irrationally. Thanks to his clean image, he has managed to be in his position after being in the industry for a quite long time.

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