Bill Cosby Net Worth

The comedian named Bill Cosby was everywhere due to his excellent career and due to his scandal. He earned a lot from his jobs and spent his earnings on something that he likes. How much is his worth? Did his case make him bankrupt?

Net Worth and Earnings

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the American comedian, TV star and producer has an estimated net worth of $400 million. When he was at his peak, he was named as the highest paid TV actor on the planet. Per episode, he earned $1 million, but he earned $4 million when his producing, creator, syndication, and various other income streams were totaled, which is equivalent to $8 million per episode today. He also owned 20% of the show’s equity, which means hundreds of millions into his pocket.

Bill Cosby Net Worth
Even before his popular show, The Cosby Show was created, he was counted as one of the highest earning celebrities in the world. When his album was released in 1968, he rejected a contract worth $3.5 million (which is equivalent to $25 million today) to make his own production company. After making his own company, he began to make his own comedy albums and make the TV shows known as Fat Albert and The Bill Cosby Show.

Apart from these, Bill Cosby has also endorsed a few products and brands such as Jell-O, Coca-Cola, and Ford. From these contracts, he earned tens of millions. In addition, he also made appearances on movies, live comedy shows, and the other TV series. From his comedy shows that took place in 2014 alone, the comedian collected a total gross of $11 million.

Net worth milestones:

    • 1992: $300,000,000
    • 2015: $400,000,000
    • 2020: $400,000,000

Career earnings by year:

    • 1968: $650,000
    • 1969: $650,000
    • 1981: $16,000,000
    • 1982: $11,000,000
    • 1985: $1,100,000
    • 1986: $5,850,000
    • 1987: $90,200,000
    • 1988: $508,600,000
    • 1990: $25,420,000
    • 1993: $8,000,000
    • 1996: $154,620,000
    • 2001: $2,600,000
    • 2004: $48,916,000
    • 2005: $5,800,000
    • 2007: $100,000
    • 2013: $333,000,000
    • 2014: $7,000,000
    • 2015: $1,716,000
    • 2018: $1,540,200,000

Things Bill Cosby Spends His Money On

    • Real estate

Bill Cosby has a real estate portfolio that is worth more than $100 million. The man purchased some large places located in Beverly Hills and Pennsylvania. Based on the comparable recent sales, the one in Beverly Hills alone could be worth as much as $60 million. It is believed to be closer to $80 million.

In Pennsylvania, he has a mansion in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. He and his beloved wife spend most of their time in this beautiful place. It features 5 full bathrooms, 1 gym, 1 swimming pool, 1 spacious living room, 1 well equipped kitchen, and well manicured gardens.

He also bought a home in Los Angeles in 1990. The price was $2.55 million and it is worth about $10 million today. The building has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It has a 4,500 square feet living space. The home is the Tudor Revival style. To protect his privacy, it is surrounded by the pine trees. However, the uniqueness of this house still makes it stand out among the others.

The next property is a home in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. It has at least five buildings, including the main house. It also has a swimming pool, a tennis court, well equipped kitchen, spacious living room, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a car garage. The amount paid for this house is unknown.

In addition, the man is also confirmed to be the owner of Pacific Palisades home. It is one of dozens of houses of The Riviera, which has an on site Tennis Club and nearby middle school.

    • Cars

Bill Cosby car collection is incredible, as expected from the rich people. In his car garage, there is an AC Shelby Cobra. This one is a hybrid American sports car consisting of a British roadster with an American engine and transmission. The amount paid for this car is unknown. One thing for sure is that it must have costed him thousands of dollars.

He once owned a BMW 2020 tii model from the 1970s. It is the combination of sports car handling, room for four, an airy greenhouse, and a large trunk. It was a great economy car and a great race car. It sold more than $860,000 2002s worldwide before it was replaced in 1977. It costed him thousands of dollars even though the exact amount paid is unknown.

    • Watch

Bill Cosby is known as a huge fan of Rolex watches and has been given the title “Rolex President”. Him being called as a Rolex President means he has a huge collection of Rolex watches. His Rolex watch collection includes the Rolex GMT Master, yellow gold presidential Rolex watch, platinum Rolex Day Date, Rolex sea dweller, Rolex submariner and Rolex GMT Master II. He has been wearing Rolex watches for the past 45 years. His Rolex collection watch cost runs into hundred thousand dollars.

    • Private jet

Billy Corby is said to own a private jet. The rumor about it was floating around during his controversy. However, there is no detailed information about it. With his wealth, it seems true that he owns a private jet.

    • Art collection

Bill Cosby and his partner named Camille love arts. They will not hesitate to spend their money on them. The couple has the thing that has been known as the most significant art collection in the hands of an African American family. 1960 was the time when he started to acquire the pieces. Right now, these two have pieces by Thomas Hart Benton, Renoir, Rembrandt, Matisse, and Picasso. Their belongings related to art alone are predicted to be worth $150 million.

    • Lawsuit

Bill Cosby was caught in a scandal. His cases include rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and sexual battery. He has done it to many women since 2000. Actually, some of them said that the first one happened in the mid 60s. To defense himself, he reportedly spent millions of dollars on various legal defenses and could be liable for millions of dollars in future damages.

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