Beyonce Net Worth

The singer who has the nickname ‘Queen Bee’ is indeed known as the singer who has been nominated for the most Grammy Awards even  she managed to steal 23 prestigious awards. Some of Beyonce’s hit songs include Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), If I Were a Boy, and Irreplaceable.

Her distinctive and blaring voice has brought her into the world-class successful singer. Not only being a top singer, she is also known as an artist and fashion designer. With her career that is not dimmed even Forbes twice included her in the list of the most powerful women in the world of entertainment in 2015 and 2017, sure, fans really want to know for Beyonce’s net worth and how she becomes the richest woman in the United States.

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What Is Beyonce Net Worth?

Beyonce Net Worth
As of 2021, Beyonce’s net worth is roughly $500 million. She earned her net worth through her career as an incredibly successful recording artist, business woman and general icon at large. Aside from acting and singing, Beyonce is also a fashion designer and investor.

She actually launched a women’s fashion line named ‘House of Dereon’ together with her mother Tina Kowles. Today, the fashion business here produces footwear, accessories, shoes, lingerie, jewelry, sportswear and more.

She partnered with British fashion company Topshop to produce a line of activewear named ‘Ivy Park’ in 2014. She finally purchased Topshop out of their share of the partnership and today controls the brand 100%. She also signed a deal to be a creative partner at Adidas to further develop the Ivy Park brand in 2019. On the day of the partnership announcement, Adidas’s stock rose 1.3%.

Beyonce has appeared in a ton of high-profile commercials, especially for soft drink Pepsi. She also endorsed Nintendo DS, American Express, and L’Oreal. Her Pepsi endorsement deal in 2012 was worth $50 million over several years. She also has promoted Emporio Armani’s Diamonds fragrance as well as  she has a line of fragrances with Tommy Hilfiger named “True Star” and “True Star Gold”

In 2010, she first launched her solo fragrance brand which created a total of six fragrance brands. Her fragrance business had generated more than $500 million in revenue since 2010. Her fragrance brand is known as the most powerful celebrity fragrance of all time.

In 2018, she signed a $60 million deal with Netflix to provide the streaming service three pieces of content. For the first one, a documentary named Homecoming about her 2018 Coachella performance which was released in April 2019.

In 2015, Beyonce was hired by Travis Kalanick as Uber’s CEO to do a private concert for employees. For this concert, she was offered $6 milion for the gig. Instead of getting paid in cash, Beyonce asked to be paid in Uber’s stock.

That doesn’t mean she earned 6 milion Uber Shares, but she received $6 million worth of Restricted Stock Units. At the time, Beyonce received the shares, Uber was worth $50 billion. Beyonce’s share would be worth around $9 million when Uber went public four years later.

Beyonce is also known for her generosity where she set up the Survivors Foundation in helping victims of Hurricane Katrina in Houston, Texas. She personally contributed $250,000 to the organization. She also has supported the causes which are associated with female empowerment, gun control, world hunger, childhood obesity and many more.

Beyonce’s Real Estate Worth

Beyonce’s Real Estate Worth
Beyonce and Jay Z have an extremely precious portfolio of real estate assets around the world. They purchased a 7-bedroom mansion on the ultra-exclusive Indian Creek Island in Miami for $8 million in 2008. Then, they sold this home for $9.3 million in 2010. She also owns a $2.6 million home in New Orleans.

Jay Z, her husband, owns a $10 million apartment in New York City for $6.85 million that he purchased solo in 2004. She sold her long-time NYX condo for $9.95 in 2017 that she purchased for $5 million in 2005. She and her husband paid $26 million for a mansion in the Hamptons named Pond House in 2017.

In 2017, they paid $88 million for an insane 30,000 square foot mansion in Bel Air, California. Public notes show that Beyonce and Jay Z took out a $52 million mortgage when they purchased the house.

By using the mortgage rate which was available at the time, they are likely playing worth of $250,000 per month on their mortgage for the home which has a full basketball court, a 15 car garage, multiple pools, media room, 2-acres of land and bulletproof windows.

They together have a $4 million private island in the Bahamas. If their  real estate worth is totaled up, they own at least $150 million worth of real estate in the United States. However, it’s possible if they also own more real estate abroad or other properties hidden behind LLCs.

Beyonce’s Career Earnings

In 2010, when Beyonce released her first solo album, she had earned around $10 million after taxes and fees as a member of Destiny’s Child. She also earned around $30 million as solo artist between 2000 and 2007 and from various other acting/endorsing endeavors.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of September 2009 with an initial net worth, her net worth is estimated at $25 million. Here’s for Beyonce’s career earning by year from 2017 to the present:

    • 2007: $50 million
    • 2008: $80 million
    • 2009: $35 million
    • 2010: $70 million
    • 2011: $70 million
    • 2012: $45 million
    • 2013: $50 million
    • 2014: $115 million
    • 2015: $55 million
    • 2016: $62 million
    • 2017: $105 million
    • 2018: $60 million
    • 2019: $80 million
    • Total = $807 million

Beyonce earned $807 million between 2007 and 2019. She has earned an average of $60 million per year since 2009. When combined, Beyonce and Jay Z’s net worth tops $1.5 billion. They first broke the combined billion dollar mark in July 2014.

In addition, she married rapper Jay Z in April of 2008 in New York City. They had their first child together, a daughter named Blue Ivy which was born on January 6th 2012. Then, she gave birth to twins, a son named Sir and a daughter named Rumi on June 13, 2017.

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