Antonio Esfandiari Net Worth

Do you know Antonio Esfandiari? If you do not know yet who he is, we think that’s just normal, considering Antonio is sticking out to the public not as a famous celebrity, businessman or also personality TV, but as a professional poker player and former magician.

Why Antonio became rapidly popular is that a lot of people start to realize that he is included as one of the richest poker players in the world. Of course, as a rich poker player, it can not be separated from the fact how much Antonio earns money through poker.

Talking about Antonio’s net worth, there are numerous sources which give the different amounts of his net worth. Even though the amount of his net worth is not exact as he owns, the public seems to look at his earnings that he earns from numerous poker events or tournaments. Let’s see Antonio’s net worth below!

Antonio Esfandiari Net Worth

Antonio Esfandiari’s Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth reported that Antonio Esfandiari has a net worth estimated at $25 million, as of 2020. Meanwhile, some sources say that his net worth is between $20 million to $30 million. Thanks to his skills, he is categorized as one of the most-successful professional poker players in the world.

In fact, Antonio won millions in poker tournaments and countless more in cash games. Well, the largest of his prizes in history is in July 2020 where he took the title at the Big One-for-One Drop, a tournament with a $1,000,000 buy-in.

Antonio took home a reported $18,346,673 once beating 47 other card players. With over $27 million in winnings, he’s the fourth most successful tournament poker player of all time. He won at least a quarter of million dollars on eleven separate occasions. Antonio is also one of the game’s most famous players, with his pleasant demeanor combined with a bit of charisma.

Well, if we talk about his net worth, surely there will be two indicators;

    • How much he has won in private cash game
    • How much of his winnings he has kept and invested

In fact, Antonio has won over $27 million in poker tournaments, according to the HendonMob database. Certainly, it does not count the money that he has won in cash games, but it is highly likely that the ‘Magician’ has only earned a small fraction of that $27 million.

For more information, his other ventures are on books, TV Shows, business and a couple of nice condos in Las Vegas.

How Does Antonio Esfandiari Spend Money?

Need to know, a lot of professional poker players have investors who agree to put up all or a portion of the tournament entry fee, in exchange for a percentage of the winnings. Certainly, with his backing-up, Antonio dares to bet with more money, so when he wins, what he will get is very much earnings.

Thanks to his wealth, Antonio once purchased a Dodge Viper, only to completely wreck it on a first date a week later. He also paid $5.4 million for a 6,000 square-foot mansion in November 2020 which is located in Venice, California. Today, they still own the first home as of this writing.

By 2017, Antonio and his wife, Amar Bounahra paid $3.4 million for a home in Venice, California.

Antonio Esfandiari Career

Antonio Esfandiari’s Career

    • WSOP One Drop

Antonio took part in the WSOP tournament in July 2012 for a payday of $18,346,673. With an entry fee of one million dollars, Antonio has paid him cash with his winnings in this tournament, earning $18.3 million.

With the money he makes, he has to pay federal income taxes and self-employment taxes because as a resident of Nevada, he doesn’t have to pay state income taxes on his winnings.

Aside from the One Drop tournament, he has won $8.9 million in tournaments over the course of his career. Again, when factoring in backers, taxes, and travel costs, it’s easy to see how that $8.9 million actually approaches $2 to $3 million.

    • Cash Games

Just like most poker players, the amount of money won or lost in private and casino cash games is the unknown factor. Well, being a professional poker player, Antonio was often invited to private cash games involving wealthy amateurs. Many investors trust Antonio that he could find himself in a very interesting high stakes game.

For his part, Antonio has not mentioned any big time private game scores, however it does not mean a whole lot. In fact, many successful poker players know that it is bad business to brag about how much they have beaten a guy out of.

Antonio has also explained that he has never played in the lucrative, uber high-stakes cash games against the billionaire Chinese businessmen in Macau. He definitely did play in the Super High Roller cash game at the Aria by 2015 where the buy-in was a quarter million dollars.

Antonio has also made numerous appearances on the poker cash game TV shows ‘High Stakes Poker’ and ‘Poker After Dark’. In September 2016, it was announced that he secured a sponsorship from the poker staking company, StakeKings where he will reportedly both promote the site and also receive staking into  tournaments.

Antonio Esfandiari’s Life

Antonio Esfandiari or also known as Amir Esfandiari was born in Tehran, Iran. He currently lives in San Francisco, California. When he was in elementary school,  Antonio moved to the United States and his family settled in San Jose, California.

When he started working as a professional magician, Antonio changed  his name in the late 90s. Then, his card tricks led to the opportunity to play Texas Hold’ Em and he started to play poker competitively.

The year of 2004 was such a banner year for Antonio where he won his first World Series of Poker Tournament and over a million dollars at the L.A. Poker Classic. Antonio has appeared on a number of poker television shows including ‘Poker After Dark’, ‘High Stakes Poker’ and ‘Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament’.

Antonio married to Amal Bounahra, the daughter of Belize resident Badih ‘Bob’ Bounahra who has over $1.7 million in career earnings and who made the final table of the WSOP Main Event in 2011. They have  a son together who was born in January 2015.

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