Alan Schnitzer Net Worth

Stepping as CEO of The Travelers Companies, Inc, after Jay S. Fishman (late), Alan Schnitzer has made his wealth with a more fantastic amount. Initially, he was also named the Chairman of the Board in 2017. He then joined the American insurance company as Vice Chairman and Chief Legal Officer in 2007.

As a very important person in the property accident insurance provider for cars, homes and businesses, certainly, his income totally raises up, having previously served as Vice Chair of Travelers, and Chief Executive Officer of the company’s International Business and Insurance segment.

Are you also wondering how much he makes money through his position as CEO? So. Let’s see Alan Schnitzer’s net worth and salary on our post below!

Alan Schnitzer Net Worth

Alan Schnitzer’s Net Worth

As of 22 April 2021, Alan Schnitzer’s net worth is estimated at $75.6 million. He owns over60,979 units of Travelers Companies Stock worth over $36,141,525 and over the last 14 years old, he sold TRV stock worth over $22,655,533. Furthermore, he makes $16,778,800 as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officers at Travelers Companies.

From his net worth history in 2017, he earned a total compensation of $14.5 million. His base salary included $1 million, bonus $4,7 million and stock options worth $3.5 million. So, the valuation is estimated at $35.5 billion in terms of market cap.

In 2109, He made $16,102,136 in total compensation. Of this total $1,000,000 was received as salary, as  a bonus $6,000,000, stock option worth $3,600,004 and $5,399,999 was awarded as stock and $102,135 came from other types of compensation.

Here’s the average of Alan Schnitzer’s salary in 2019:

    • $1,000,000: Base Pay
    • $6,000,000: Bonus + Non-EquityIncentive Comp
    • $7,000,000: Total Cash Comp
    • $5,399,999: Stock Award Value
    • $3,600,004: Option Award Value
    • $9,000,003: Total Equity
    • $102,135: Total Other
    • $16,102,138: Total Compensation

Here’s the average of Alan Schnitzer’s salary in 2018:

    • $1,000,000: Base Pay
    • $5,200,000: Bonus + Non-EquityIncentive Comp
    • $6,200,000: Total Cash Comp
    • $4,920,031: Stock Award Value
    • $3,279,992: Option Award Value
    • $8,200,023: Total Equity
    • $39,944: Total Other
    • $14,439,967: Total Compensation

Alan Schnitzer’s Stock at Travelers Companies

According to the Form 4 filled with the SEC, Alan has made over 10 traders of the Travelers Companies stock since 2012. He recently exercised 60,979 units of TRV stock worth $4,899,663 on April 22, 2021.

Alan’s largest trade was selling 132,560 units of Travelers Companies stock on February 9, 2015 worth over $14,012,918. On average, he has traded about 15,099 units every 78 days since 2007. He still owns at least 238,212 units of Travelers Companies stock, as of April 22, 2021.

Here’s a list of Alan’s stock trades history at TRV company:

Date Transaction Shares Price per share Total value Shares after
22 Apr 2021 Option 60,979 $80.35 $4,899,663 238,212
25 Jan 2021 Option 53,246 $78.65 $4,187,798 211,637
25 Feb 2019 Option 66,228 $59.74 $3,956,461 200,479
14 Feb 2018 Option 69,575 $56.81 $3,952,556 181,900
9 Feb 2017 Option 75,121 $51.09 $3,837,932 175,957
16 Feb 2016 Option 81,636 $47.23 $3,855,668 176,046
9 Feb 2015 Sale 132,560 $105.71 $14,012,918 81,999
7 Feb 2014 Sale 91,926 $80.47 $7,397,285 80,507
8 Feb 2013 Sale 9,000 $78.92 $710,280 76,116
7 Feb 2012 Sale 9,000 $59.45 $535,050 65,973

Alan Schnitzer Bio and Career

Alan is 54 who has been the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Travelers Companies since 2017. He married Anne Berman in 1994, daughter of the former CEO of Travelers Insurance Robert I. Lipp (CEO 2001 – 2005). They attended the University of Pennsylvania at the same time.

For his education history, Alan received his Bachelor’s degree from  The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, graduating magna cum laude. Alan also earned his J.D. from Columbia Law School where he was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar.

Alan is on the Board of Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, a Vice Chair of the Corporate Fund Board for the Kennedy Center and is Vice Chair of the Advisory Board for the Penn Institute for Urban Research.

Alan officiates as the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Council for Education Reform (CCER), the New York City Ballet, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He is known as a member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Business Committee and also received the Civic Leadership Award in the spring of 2015.

About Travelers Companies, Inc.

Travelers Companies or better known asTravelers is an American insurance company as the second-largest writer of U.S. commercial property casualty insurance and the sixth-largest writer of U.S. personal insurance through independent agents.

This company is providing the property insurances for auto, home and business which has approximately 30,000 employees and generated revenues of roughly $32 billion, as of 2020. Travelers is incorporated in Minnesota, with headquarters in New York City and its largest office in Hartford, Connecticut.

Travelers has filed offices in every U.S state and also operations in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, China, and Brazil. This company ranked #106 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations with total revenue of $28.9 billion.

Through its subsidiaries with approximately 14,000 independent agents and brokers, Travelers provides commercial and personal property and casualty insurance products and services to government units, businesses, individuals and associations.

Travelers Companies offers insurance through three segments, they are:

    • Personal Insurance includes auto, home and other products for individuals
    • Business Insurance includes a broad array of property and casualty insurance and insurance-related services in the United States.
    • Bond and Specialty Insurance includes crime, surety, and financial liability business that majorly use credit-based underwriting processes as well as property and casualty products which are predominantly marketed on an international basis.

In fact, insiders at Travelers Companies have traded over $200,608,410 worth of Travelers Companies stock and bought 21,175 units worth $2,318,343, over the last 14 years. Well, the most active insiders traders are William H Heyman, Jay S Fishman, and Jay S Benet.

On average, Travelers Companies executives and independent directors trade stock every 10 days with the average trade being worth $2,807,427. The most recent stock trade was executed by Michael Frederick Klein on May 13, 2021 which traded about 10,000 units of TRV stock currently worth $1,060,400.

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