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The Toronto Star

The fascination of fat

The doctor peers into a monitor, watching a video X-ray of a human heart.

Blood flows through the knotted vessels, then hits a throbbing snag a clogged artery.

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NOW Magazine Toronto

Best Bet for Cardiac Arrest

The Coronary Burger Special at Dangerous Dan's

Famous for its massive 24-ounce hamburgers, this spoon with attitude will grill you up two 8-ounce beef patties, layer them with a heart-attack-inducing four slices of bacon and two of cheddar and plop a fried egg on top. Sided with fries 'n' gravy (pay extra and go for poutine instead), this artery-hardener comes with optional mayonnaise.

714 Queen East, 416-463-7310

Dangerous Dan's owner James McKinnon
photo by JOHN SCULLY

NOW Magazine Toronto

DANGEROUS DAN's (714 Queen East, at Broadview, 416-463-7310)

Located across the street from a peeler palace, this no-frills steak 'n' burger joint looks kinda scary. But the friendly kids behind the counter and rock-bottom prices won't frighten away the value-conscious. Best: the humongous 24-ounce Homeburger -- yes, the equivalent of six Quarter-Pounders -- served with crisply golden chunky fries; Bronto Ribs Dinner featuring 21/2 pounds of meaty dinosaur-sized beef ribs in spice-spiked barbecue sauce; char-broiled 11-ounce New York strip with grilled mushrooms, a credible Caesar and fries enough for two; poutine -- cardiac arrest in a box; Massive chocolate brownie piled with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup and real whipped cream. Complete dinners for $20 per person ($10 at lunch), including all taxes, tip and a domestic beer. Open Sunday to Thursday 11 am to midnight, Friday and Saturday 11 am to 2 am. Fully licensed. Access: ramp at door, washrooms on same floor. 

When james mckinnon, the for-mer maitre d' of the pricey and now-defunct steak house Houstons', decided to open his own place two and a half years ago, he didn't want what he describes as a frou-frou place. Instead, he opened a Tulip-style diner on one of the roughest corners in town. When hiring his first cook, he asked the applicants if they could fight."I can't teach someone to fight, but I can always teach somebody how to cook," explains the affable McKinnon...

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One of the Double D's satisfied customers:

Posted on Jun. 01, 2003

I've been a regular at the "double D" since it opened. I love the food, the floorshow (the place and especially the owner are always lively) AND LATE NIGHT DELIVERY ! Meals here always remind me of what Fred Flintstone might create as a midnight snack if there were no witnesses around (you hard-core burger-lovers know what I mean). Fresh stuff, flame broiled, huge portions, great prices, DELIVERED! (-Grab a shake while you're at it- they're the real old-fashioned variety!) Edgy, and unapologetic, this is where "the gloves come off when the grill goes on". You need to experience this.

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Dangerous Dan's Diner (Queen/Broadview) is about big value meals, burgers, hot sandwiches, and excessive desserts.

The menu is straightforward diner fare, portions are hefty, with lots of condiments.  The big sellers are the burgers.  They're big and bad! ...

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