Forehead lines and wrinkles are few of the most common skin problems that usually develop as part of the aging process. You shouldn’t stress about these minor issues because a quick trip to a local med spa for Botox in Las Vegas will completely erase these lines on your face for many months to come.

There are literally hundreds of salons that offer botox injections in Nevada. The typical cost for botox in Las Vegas is around $12 per unit, but most spas require you to purchase at least $50 units, which may make it a costly procedure for some.

If you’re worried about the charges and the quality of the botox injection, we assumed that you are probably going for this procedure for the first time and that you’re likely going to need help in finding the right spa for your treatment. If that is the case, then you’ve come to the right place. Let us help you find the best place to get Botox in Las Vegas.


Our top recommendation – Francesca’s Facelift

Francesca’s Facelift in Las Vegas provides incredible results by practicing the highest standards. It is impossible to beat botox treatments offered at this spa. Each and every botox treatment is handled by the skillful hands of Francesa Lobaido, APRN, FNP-BC. With her skills and focused techniques, and years old experience, nothing can go wrong.

Francesca’s techniques are safe, painless, and non-invasive, making it the perfect place to get botox especially if you face botox anxiety.

Clients who have had their botox injections from Francesca come back again and again because every time they come, they leave with a celebrity like smooth skin. Her treatments make them look years younger and they receive compliments on their appearance all the time. Clients are even asked if they went through weight loss surgery after having their botox done from Francesca’s Facelift.

How does Francesca’s Facelift manage such a high success rate?

There are no secret methods at Francesca’s, it’s all about making sure each and every client is given maximum attention. When you arrive at the spa for the first time, you are asked all about the products, tools, and techniques you use as part of your daily beauty care routine. The spa then proceeds to make a customized botox treatment that gets you the results you really want.

Another reason why Francesca is able to maintain such a high success rate with her botox treatment is due to the fact that she never compromises on the quality of the products and tools she uses. Francescas strictly use only FDA approved brands for botox treatments.

The top three botox products used at the spa include Xeomin, Botox, or Dysport. What she uses on the client depends on the results the client wants. If you’re unsure which one works best for you, here is how each works.

Dysport – This botox brand is used for anyone who has strong muscles or requires a stronger hold that can last for more than four months.

Xeomin – This botox brand is used on clients who want immediate results. It looks natural and can hold for more than three months easily.

Botox – Anyone who requires a lighter, pretty, and natural hold that can last for three-four months can go for this treatment. 

When it comes to maintaining a high success rate, it all depends on the technique used. Since every person has unique facial features, every application needs to be completed with care. If the application process is not taken into account and is performed hastily, or by someone inexperienced, the results can vary.

The botox treatments at Francesca are used on the entire face to make sure all the wrinkles are gotten rid off. This creates a smooth and youthful look for your lip lines, eyes, forehead, chin, neck, and other areas such as migraines, jaw narrowing, and TMJ syndrome.

Why do we recommend visiting Francesca’s Facelift for your next Botox treatment?

With hundreds of med spas in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of places you can go to get a quick botox treatment. We already revealed the secret behind Francesca’s high success rate with botox treatments. Now let us tell you why we prefer Francescas over all other med spas in Las Vegas.

Free consultation

In many of the med spas in Las Vegas, no one offers a free consultation. In fact, consultation fee can be anywhere from $100 – $200 which is steep. Imagine spending so much money just to talk with the beautician. Then when it comes to the actual charges of botox treatments, they can be quite high in Las Vegas.

With Francesca’s Facelift, you can book your free consultation today and get to know more about who you’re dealing with. You will also receive a thorough check of your skin and the experts at the salon will provide you with recommendations.


Francesca’s Facelift offer discounts from time to time. When you visit the med spa, you can ask for the ‘Month’s special’ or even redeem a gift card you got from a friend or family who got a treatment here. Gift Cards and ‘Monthly Special’s usually come with a huge discount which makes it easier for you to get a treatment.

Lots of other treatments

Francesca’s may specialize in Botox treatments but they also offer other modern skin related procedures. Apart from Botox, you can also get a liquid facelift, fillers, lip augmentation, skin resurfacing, micro needling, CO2 laser, chemical peels, melasma – pregnancy mask, sun damage – IPL machine, acne treatment, stretch mark removal, and hair w/PRP.

Whatever your need is, a solution is available at Francesca’s Facelift. As far as botox treatments go, you can get them done at the salon in less than an hour.

So how about you visit Francesca’s at your lunch hour and get in for a free consultation. You could even get Botox while you’re at it. The entire process will take just a few minutes and you’ll be back to your office in no time.

Best of all? The treatment is so professionally applied that no one will even notice you received one!